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Need help tanning a couple coons
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Author:  ClayBuster [ 28 Jan 2016, 17:42 ]
Post subject:  Need help tanning a couple coons

Hey guys I've got a couple coons in the freezer.. Unfortunately they are the last coons my old girl bell will ever tree.. The last coon she treed I sent off to get professionally tanned at USA fox and furs. However I would like to keep the other 2 to train my future coon hounds an I would like to tan them less expensively then what foxx charges. Does anybody have any tanning solutions they would recommend?

Author:  doc9013 [ 28 Jan 2016, 17:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: Need help tanning a couple coons

Lots of good tanning solutions out there, but " Deer Hunters and Trappers Hide Tanning formula " is inexpensive and works good. Or you can use Swamp Rat's battery acid tan. It works great too.

Author:  conibearcat [ 29 Jan 2016, 20:35 ]
Post subject:  Re: Need help tanning a couple coons

8oz of citric acid and 2lbs of salt, mix it with 3gal water, flesh your hides good wash them in dawn dish soap rinse then put them in the solution for about 2days maybe even 3or4 would be better for 2 Lg. hides mixing them up 2-3times a day, the skin will become white an puffy like when it does take them out and rinse real good. now you need to nurtlize them 3gal water and a 1/2 box of baking soda, this takes about 15mins now rinse again then wash them in shampoo, rinse squeeze the water out ,dry the fur real good(blowdryer) now turn the fur in and beging to break this will take a couple days. pull,twist stretch,rub it backinforth on a back of a wood chair, do this like 3times a day, you,ll see the hide turn from a dark color to white when you stretch. the more you work it the whiter and softer it gets,you can tan 2hides for under 8$. hope this helps you

Author:  Amak [ 30 Jan 2016, 22:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: Need help tanning a couple coons

Clay, Moyle Mink and Tannery does garment grade tanning cheaper then USA FOXX does, and probably better end product. For 2-5 coons its $18 each. For just throwing around to the dogs, id just go docs route with the trappers tan in the orange bottle. Its cheap, easy, and You wont need much of a super soft tan for the dogs. Dont let me sound like the trappers tan is insufficient, becauseits really good, and can be broke and worked to feel almost as soft as brain tanning. Brain tanning is another option thats fantastic if you can come up with brain somewhere. A coon brain will tan 1 coon hide. Do some study on it and you will find it easy, plus there are no harsh chemicals to expose your dog to if they are gonna have it in their mouths.

I like USA Foxx, for making actual fur garments, but for high quality and cheap tanning services, Moyle is unbeatable.


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