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pawning guns and a decent cop
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Author:  Musselshellgal [ 13 May 2014, 14:20 ]
Post subject:  pawning guns and a decent cop

A few months ago I had to pawn my Ruger 30-06 to pay a bill. Well I paid nine bucks monthly until I could pick it up. But when I went to pick it up I had to fill out paperwork and go through a back ground check, as if I were buying the rifle.
I would imagine this is nation wide? I've pawned guns but it's been a long time, I don't remember having to fill out paperwork to pick them up.

And got stopped by a chp last weekend, had an extremely loaded 45 next to me on the seat... nice cop just said he'd ran my plates, didn't ask for my PAPERS, and I was free to go, even after seeing my little baby eagle next to me. I was sweating it. He was so nice that I forgot to thank him for being so nice.

good to see a cop who supports the second amendment. God bless him.

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