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PostPosted: 02 Feb 2014, 15:39 
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Just as most of us experience it in local property taxes never going down (the "ratchet" tightening, never loosening), chalk another one up to the state of South Dakota tightening the ratchet on critter consumptive outdoors people. The fact is that SD is has a small population of people and state government makes the wildlife agency pay its own way (gets little to no general revenue funds) so it has to get its operating funds from resident outdoors people and non-resident pheasant hunters (really the only large numbers of non-residents in the revenue generating stream--in the recent past more non-resident bird hunters than resident). Last year, when I bought my "outdoors" license(s) it cost be in the $80s range. Today, it added up to $94 and that won't be the end of it by the time the year is up.

So, what does my $94 get me?

State migratory bird $5 (still need the federal stamp next fall, another $15--this one has stayed steady for a long time, good deal!!)

State Combination $55 (another $2 for "agent's fee" even though it I bought it directly from the state). Last year this was $49 so a 10.2% fee increase. This allows me to fish and hunt small game.

State Furbears $30 (another $2 for "agent's fee" even though it I bought it directly from the state). Lst year this was $25 so a 20% fee increase. This allows me to trap.

No big game. They are "bought" later by winning unit lotteries. I have a feeling that these will be jacked up as well but going from last year: spring turkey $25, a major region deer license $45 for a any deer (what allows someone to take a buck unless they buy a special more costly buck only tag--typically an anterless or multiple anterless is thrown in for little or no additional fees, but if a person wanted to do deer in other major regions, say I had a "East River" license but also wanted to do West River, Black Hills, or NW Refuge deer--add another $45 per region), any antelope tag $45, and this does not count other offered licenses such as elk (hard to get in the lottery), mt. lion (unlimited license but ends when quota system fills), paddlefish license (slot limit size 1, date limited), and others.

So, lets say a turkey tag, one deer combo, and an antelope license- another $115 with last years costs from what I paid today. I suspect deer and antelope will be jumped to $50 for an "any" tag. So far for 2014 probably $209 for just me (not counting my kids--some of their licenses are lower but not big game).

Yeah, right, there's no "inflation" in the U.S. economy! What a laugh. Well, I can look forward to a Seniors discount on fishing in 14 years. Something to look forward to... :wink:

"And God said, Let us make man in our image …and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, …the fowl of the air…and all the creatures that move along the ground.
Genesis 1:26

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