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Author:  grinner getter [ 19 Dec 2013, 16:24 ]
Post subject:  DA AMISH

So one of my supervisors has leased a certain piece of ground for deer hunting for years. The lease is written so he has total control over the property excluding farming from OCt 1 through the middle of Jan the following year. This week he found three Amish Teens trapping the ground. If that was not enough of a issue they had brought tractors with enclosed trailers and were camping in the middle of the lease.
I'm all about trapping and I don't care one bit for leasing but He paid the money and they never even asked the owner or the leaser for permission just hopped in and started setting steel. Then to top that all off they crossed the property line to private property and set traps. Long story short they got caught. Being the good guy he is though he let them trap another part of the property for a fee of course. They have until this weekend then they have to be cleared out. I dont think they are going to make it. They are camped in a flood plane and we are supposed to get three inches of rain tonight. Might loose some traps if they are lucky. If luck deserts them it could get very expensive for them.
Anyone else ever had problems with the Amish?

Author:  doc9013 [ 19 Dec 2013, 16:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: DA AMISH

Never had trouble with them here grinnergitter................................ I always turned the other cheek. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Author:  Backwoodsmansback [ 19 Dec 2013, 17:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: DA AMISH

Yep.. Sounds familiar. Alot o ours left for Missouri and Indiana after getting in alot of trouble. They poache turkeys year round in pike and Calhoun counties. Thought it was their right. Theyd take an old box spring out and strip it to metal and wood an scatter cracked corn etc in and around it. Turkeys get tangled in it. They dont recognize property lines here either. When i owned the 31(actually like 31.7 acres but we called it the 31) they would try to trap and coonhunters/jacklight it. Ive ran more then one off and had several occasions to remove them from blinds and staƱds. I hope they arent all line " ours" but from the sounds of it? They also like. "Borrowing" moored boats and checking ithers lines and nets.

Author:  Mohawk [ 21 Dec 2013, 23:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: DA AMISH

Funny this is coming up! I have a hunter ed class coming up next Saturday that is reserved exclusively for Amish kids. I think for the most part, around here, that they have enough ground to operate on that they don't need to trespass for hunting/trapping. Of course, hunting around here is popular enough that a lot of private land is seized up by landowners or their family/friends.

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