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Sold a little fur..
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Author:  Backwoodsmansback [ 16 Dec 2013, 15:35 ]
Post subject:  Sold a little fur..

Let the boys take some fur in yesterday. Mom called last week about a buyer coming into town. He'd advertised in a local free paper. I helped the boys sort some fur out. There was 31 nice white possums S&D. I wanted to the boys to learn something about "dickering" and to see how different buyers operate. He was low on the possums i though. Started most at 3.50. Boys finally got him up to $4.25. It was their fur an they were happy, split 3 ways. I wouldnt let them sell any of the mink. He called about half of them cotton, they werent. Boys had a nice collection of coons but he was too cheap on them. The $8 pile was bigger then the other piles. I think he made 5 piles? All mediums and up, just skinned. So we took them home too. He went to $7.10 on S&D rats but started around $6. Felt like we were in a mid eastern bazaar. That just capped a real winner of a sunday. I had called the contact number saturday and he had said $18 highs on skinned coons. We had 2 he offered $18. Next closest pile was $14. Are these prices comparable to others areas/regions? The mink, rats n possums were all S&D..

Author:  NonPCfed [ 16 Dec 2013, 18:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: Sold a little fur..

I would think if he was low-balling you all for most things, he would have started the grinners even at a lot less. I've always thought that country buyers are a lot like general retailers, typically buy at wholesale at 50% or less of what they think they'll make at full price (retail at the international auctions). That way if the market slides and they get only say, 25-30% above what they bought it at, they still cover most of their costs and make a little bit, and if the market zooms higher than expected, they get a windfall on their gamble.

I don't get FF&G all that much any more but I did pick up the Jan. issue. Back, you may be interested in an article in that issue where a writer interviewed 4 (I think) country buyers in the Upper Midwest (MN-ND). You would be in the minority of their "customers" as these four guys said that 80-90% of the furs they buy are in the round and they themselves are having a harder time finding shop help who can skin & flesh right (and fast).

I'd be interested in what he offered for your "cotton" mink. What was the range he offered for your finished mink??

Author:  Backwoodsmansback [ 16 Dec 2013, 20:02 ]
Post subject:  Re: Sold a little fur..

I buy a few FFG's. they always cheat me on the subscriptions so i buy a few a year off the news stands. $5 each on the cotton mink. All boars. Sows are still on boards at tge new house. Few smaller boars he offered $14. He went high as $19 on a few that were the best. Cody mentioned our fox and badger and he wanted to bid on them but i think its a waste of time. We'll take the rest to a fur house or ship it. I keep hearing 8.50-9 on our section for rats. When we bought fur we figured about 20%ish lower on finished goods, 30% or so skinned or in the round. Of course real high prices we had a lower percentage. $50 reds we aimed for about $5 profit, $7 or so if skinned etc. Most critters cept red fox n beaver i was quick at skinning so it wasnt a big deal in the round. I preferred to buy coons, rats n mink in the round, we liked to skin and finish them ourselves and our own way.

Author:  NonPCfed [ 16 Dec 2013, 20:24 ]
Post subject:  Re: Sold a little fur..

Funny but sad on those "cotton" mink prices. Did you tell him at the end how long you've been trapping and that you used to buy some fur yourself?? Kind of wonder how long this guy (or his operation if he works for someone) will be around if they basically insults a person they don't know with a low ball price like that. Mink still have the reputation as being a luxury fur and any Midwestern finished buck mink taken in November should be worth more than an Abe Lincoln. If anything, this guy should have sweetened the pot on these "cotton" mink a bit so he could get you (maybe, he didn't know until you said no to all the mink offers) to take his offers on the better bucks. I think a lack of forethought and strategic thinking on his part...

Author:  trapperrick [ 16 Dec 2013, 20:24 ]
Post subject:  Re: Sold a little fur..

I thought you did OK on the possum Backwoodsman. I rarely catch possum, actually I haven't caught one in years but the last time I sold any I was happy to get more than a $1.00 for it. I don't do the local buyer any more. Ever since I discovered NAFA I've been hooked on that. Even though you do give up some on their commission I still end up ahead of the game. A prime example is what happened last year at the Pennsylvania Trapper's Association district 5 fur sale. The sale is always the first weekend in February. There was some guys there that sold some fisher for $75.00 each. They left happy but a week later they were going for $150.00 at the NAFA sale.

Author:  trappintime [ 16 Dec 2013, 20:34 ]
Post subject:  Re: Sold a little fur..

PC, I don't think the fellow was insulting anyone. Good business practice is to buy low and sell at a profit. I've been friends with our local fur buyer for close to 40 years and I never take it as an insult when he low balls me. On the other hand he gets a lot of furs that are not top lot material cause I don't want NAFA to know I catch that stuff. :D

Author:  Backwoodsmansback [ 16 Dec 2013, 20:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: Sold a little fur..

PC i wasnt impressed with this guy. The check was drawn in a personal account and that scared me. If id known that beforehand i might not had even sold the possums. In his defense i was at the bank at 9am and it was good. I think he was like alot of the new "trappers", out for a buck. We mainly chit chatted about critter numbers this year. He was familiar with supply and demand. Tried to convince me everyone was catching alot. Couple other sellers were smirking over that. The other sellers had skinned or in the round critters and not many at that. Although one guy had a small otter. Cody said he thought he got $28 for it? Id like to had my 5 otter limit, heck id been happy with 1, lol. TrapperR, ive sold at the Furtakers auction here before, overall or on average we did good, but, when the Norwegians are the big buyers prices are down.they mainly bought the short hairs though. We may do the NAFA thing. Its been awhile. Kinda exciting waiting too. Im hoping to get a beaver line out this weekend. Schools out after friday. I took some advice from here and a buddy built about 30 snares. We've got a submerged conibear only mink n rat late season too. Ive heard but not confirmed $20 tops skinned coons in Louisiana Missouri. But if its a hard grade like this guy was.......

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