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Ks newest deer slayer
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Author:  Mohawk [ 08 Dec 2013, 16:43 ]
Post subject:  Ks newest deer slayer

About 10 years ago, I built this danged ol' elevated blind out of 2x6's and telephone poles and sheeted it with plywood with the intentions that kids could hunt deer out of it. It was a hot job, built in the summer on a spot about 30 feet from where I was standing when I killed my first deer back 31 or 32 years ago. Many deer have been shot from this blind, although I have yet to shoot anything but a yote or 2 out of it. :lol: I built it for kids and I may never shoot a deer out of it with that frame of mind. Well this weekend was opening weekend for Ks firearms season. I took the kids to Mom's place Friday night which was also Boo's 12th birthday. Saturday morning, Mom had to go to work so we didn't hunt which was ok because it was 3 degrees! BUT I got her dressed up for an evening hunt and we (Boo, my brother and I) hit the blind. We had a bad wind to hunt from the blind, being northeast, but by design, there are shot opportunities to the north of the blind as well as possibilities of shooting south and east. Never has a deer been shot east of the stand but it's doable. Boo had missed a doe north of the blind a year ago with my heavy barreled 243, but since Ks made ANY centerfire rifle legal this year she was packing my beloved 222. We got set up in the blind, and with a northeast wind, deer could come out on the field and go south a ways before catching our wind or so I thought. I was watching the field very hard, hoping to see a deer come out of the hedge row and give Boo warning so she could get situated. Two times, I barely saw a deer try to walk out on the field when I saw it turn tail and get back to cover. The wind was swirling right down the hedge row! Well we were there and deer do come from the north as well, which was exactly what happened. My brother spotted deer coming in, already on us, and Boo didn't have time to get her gun moved from the west window to the north window before they hit a group of cedar trees and the shot op missed. However, the deer were coming to the field behind us, so I told Boo to point her gun to the east and use the back of a metal folding chair as a rest. Out popped a small deer, and I asked her if she had a good sight pic through the scope, she said yes so I said ease off the safety and shoot. Needless to say, breathing and nerves haven't been mastered (by either of us) and she shot and missed. :lol: I Jacked another round in the powerhouse 222 as the deer wondered what was happening and hit the hedge row. They stopped at the edge of the field, when nothing else happened, they commenced to coming back out. She had a sweet shot, but the previous shot hurt her ears and she wanted her ear muffs. I asked her: you cant shoot 1 more shot without your ear muffs? "I can but I would rather have them on" says she. So I told her go ahead and get them, SLOW!!! There was a little one watching the blind as she got up and got them on and back to the gun, and eventually bolted, but none of the other ones left. She got on her gun and I asked if she had a good look through her scope, "yep", so I cleared her to shoot and Bang! WHOP!!! That doe donkey kicked with both hind feet and tucked that tail and headed east. I said "Now THAT. . . is a heart shot!" The doe ran out about 100 yards and circled and piled up. Boo couldn't get out of that blind fast enough, and I couldn't keep up with her as she went to claim her first deer.


So we got her tagged and back to the barn and she said she wanted to help skin it. :--D I said Dang right, you popped it you pluck it! She helped me last year so she already got her feet wet, but I helped her get started as did my brother, but it wasn't too long before we both stepped back and let her have it. She did a fine job skinning!!!


I'm quite proud of her and that little gun. She sent the 52 gr boat tail hollow point in behind the right leg, hit the top of the back side of the heart, ship wrecked lungs and the left shoulder and the bullet lodged in the hide on the opposite side. :wink:

Author:  trapperrick [ 08 Dec 2013, 17:05 ]
Post subject:  Re: Ks newest deer slayer

That's great Mowhawk! Congrats to Boo!

Author:  trappintime [ 08 Dec 2013, 18:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: Ks newest deer slayer

Now that is a story :D . Feel proud the two of you as you deserve toooooo. :D

Author:  Backwoodsmansback [ 08 Dec 2013, 18:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: Ks newest deer slayer

That's great.. Congrats. Gonna tan tbe hide or snything for her?

Author:  doc9013 [ 08 Dec 2013, 18:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: Ks newest deer slayer

That is awesome Mohawk !! Tell Boo congrats and I hope you and her kill many more together !!!!

Author:  NonPCfed [ 08 Dec 2013, 19:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Ks newest deer slayer

Cool story Mohwak!! Nice pile of meat there. Good going for Boo and that .222 (what model is that rifle?). By the way, what's that green stuff that the deer is laying on :P :wink: !

Author:  Swamp Rat [ 08 Dec 2013, 19:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: Ks newest deer slayer

Great story Mohawk! Tell Boo I am very proud of her and her ability to get her deer. Plus doing much of the work after getting it in the shed. Oh yeah, pretty proud of you too!!! :wink:

Author:  Mohawk [ 08 Dec 2013, 20:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: Ks newest deer slayer

Thank you very much for the kind words guys! I'm still buzzing! And Boo is HOOKED! She is a tough cookie hanging out in the cold and wind with me. She had to get up a couple times over the course of the afternoon to get blood to her feet but never complained about being cold once. She and Abby (her soon to be 9 year old sister) even rode in the back of the truck with the deer when we took it to the shed! Now there is another lil girl that is on fire to try deer huntin! I've seen a lot of deer killed, several being first deer, but this one here made a lasting impression on me. My oldest boys first came on a 90 degree sept day several years ago, that one is a tattoo in the memory bank too, as is Amak's first bow kill many moons ago. I am very thankful that I was along for the ride on these 3 hunts.
NPC :lol: It's winter wheat. Our tenants usually don't drill wheat and stick to corn and beans only but once every blue moon they will get a wild hair and throw wheat in the mix. That rifle is a Remington 788. It's shot prairie dogs and yotes, even a few crows and Amak whacked a red fox with it once :lol: which we tried to eat. :mrgreen: Never again! I don't know exactly why Ks made it a legal deer rifle this year but I'm glad they did. It's perfect for a kid with near zero recoil. I know by what it does to yotes that it would be a good deer rifle if the indian could place the arrow. :wink:
Backwoodsman: I have intentions on doing something along that line. She kept the bullet, and she had me send the pics I took to her phone. She took a pic of the heart with her phone but that was the only one. :lol: She mentioned having the hide tanned so I'm thinking that would be a great thing to do.

Author:  wolf1199 [ 08 Dec 2013, 22:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: Ks newest deer slayer

Congrats Mohawk and Boo on your hunt together. That's a fine looking deer she bagged. Bet you'll never forget that one.

Author:  NonPCfed [ 08 Dec 2013, 22:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: Ks newest deer slayer

Mohawk- I was just razzing you that you all still had green stuff around instead of covered by white stuff :mrgreen: We know when winter is here when the alfalfa goes from green to brown...

My first .308 was a Rem 788 with a Banner Chief 6x scope on it. Great rifle except that I lost more than one clip in various stages of excitement! It ended up with the bro and someday he's going to rebuild it with a different stock (believe it when I see it). All my bolts are internal clips now. The only rifles that I have clips for are long clips such as my Min-14 (somewhere I have a 5 round "street legal" deer clip for it) and my Ruger 10/22 (I have a 25 and a 30 round clip for that). Long clips are harder to lose in the grass :wink:

Author:  Mohawk [ 09 Dec 2013, 18:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: Ks newest deer slayer

That 308 is a heck of a round! I have one in Remington mod 700 pss, very nice shooting gun. That 788 is a great gun for being a "cheap" rifle. I had a 243 once and sold it like a fool! Same for another 222, which when the money gets loosened up a bit I will probably buy it back. I will be looking for a decent 243 youth model for Boo in the near future too. Then another for Abby, then Kat. If Sam shows interest he will get a full size rifle as I think he may turn out to be a biggun. :lol: As of yet, he don't show any interest in being an outdoorsman, but he is 8 going on 9 so there is still time for him to dive in. The youth/ladies rifles in my future will be good ones in hopes that they will last the girls for a lifetime of huntin. Jess and Brad (my 2 oldest) have little interest in huntin anything, although Brad loves to shoot. I think he don't care for sitting around waiting for something to come in, at least at this point. Brad has a 25-06, which was handed down from my dad. I checked into some youth model rifles today and noticed there are some 7-08 calibers offered. BOING!!!! I want to get my hands on one of those so bad so it would be a shame to get one for one of the kids instead of myself, selfish, yep :lol: .

Author:  Amak [ 09 Dec 2013, 22:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: Ks newest deer slayer

Fine deer and fine shootin Grace! Not bad stand placement either Dad! Way to get some blood and guts on that girl! 8)

Author:  Mohawk [ 11 Dec 2013, 10:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Ks newest deer slayer

:lol: I hope she gets more blood on her yet in the upcoming Jan season. She is a machine when it comes to skinnin one out, best to stand back. :lol: I learned that the hard way last year. :shock: She was helping me skin one out and I got too close and she gave me a pretty good slice. She wasn't sure that she had and I never flinched, we just kept skinnin. I told her later that she needs to be a bit more careful and re-emphasized not to cut toward herself! I'd rather Mom stitch me up than her. :lol: I love it that she is as involved as she is!

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