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Emailed my states trapping association
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Author:  Loxahatchee [ 31 Oct 2013, 20:28 ]
Post subject:  Emailed my states trapping association

I got the random whim to look up our trapping regs online (even though I already know them :roll: ) and of course it says trapping is prohibited in all wildlife management areas... unless otherwise noted, :idea: Finding the online copy of the regs for my nearest WMA (which is 15 minutes away) I scanned and scanned for what would hopefully be some kind of rules allowing trapping. But alas, there in black and white, "trapping prohibited." Defeated, I skimmed the rules for all the WMAs in the "southern" region, and of course, they all say the same thing.. :cry:

I got the idea to lookup the contact info for my state's trappers association and shoot them an email expressing my opinion on how the state of Florida hurts the dying sport of trapping by allowing only snares and cages and prohibiting trapping on what is becoming the only land left where you can hunt or trap (or just be truly "outdoors"), at least in the southern region down here, as it becomes more and more populated :x :evil:

I also asked what, if anything, the FTA is doing to help actively promote trapping (such as pushing legislation to permit foothold and bodygrip traps like most states do, as well as allow trapping in our WMAs. I mean, a guy can hope right? :roll: )

Author:  Woodswalker [ 31 Oct 2013, 22:05 ]
Post subject:  Re: Emailed my states trapping association

Our trapping association promotes trapping by supporting "Trap Free Zones" Somewhere around 40,000 acres now. And yes I am being highly sarcastic.

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