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fuller laugeman big sky lures and time capsule
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Author:  Musselshellgal [ 16 Jun 2013, 22:04 ]
Post subject:  fuller laugeman big sky lures and time capsule

I've. Mentioned many times my wonderful experience of working for
Fuller who was a retired mt state trapper. He was the last trapper to have
Permission to trap within the boundaries of the CMR or the Charles marion
Russel game preserve where he did most of his trapping on the lower
Musselshell region. he was invited to a ceremony where a time capsule
Would be burried across the road from the Sand Creek ranger station and
He invited myself and son to go. With him. He was well received and asked
To tell some stories of his employ with the state of mt. We all had fun
Listening to all the stories everyone told. We were all asked to wrie something
To put in the. Capsule or put somethig in it. I wrote a short note explaing
How I came to live in that area as well as my relationshipto fuller and put
My pow\mia bracelette. In the capsule that will be dug up 100 years from
That date. Shining times for sure..... I wish id had more years working for
Fuller. A truly wonderful experience. Mg

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