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ogorman snaring dvd
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Author:  Musselshellgal [ 16 Jun 2013, 21:24 ]
Post subject:  ogorman snaring dvd

Watchin the dvd for the second time.. very humbling
To realize how little I know. Very interesting dvd.
When I worked for fuller laugeman the retired mt state trapper
We use to go have lunch with keith gregerson so it was fun
Hearing ogorman mention him several times. I never realized
Keith is well known in the snaring circles.
Ogormancovers different cam lock set ups and how to
Improvise different locks to fit different cables. Little tricks to
Make the lock grab better by filing little grooves in the hood.
He also showed on site snare sets. I like how he uses a visual lure
Not only to bring the animal in but also to distract the
Animal at the perfect time to distract from the snare loop.
Shady areas more ideal to sunny places. By far my favorite
Snare set up he showed was the Buffalo Jump set up where
A snare is set on a trail next to a drop off. So that the animal wil
Chose the drop off as an escape route thus a swinging yote. One advantage
Being there is less damage to the surroundings and animal is
Often hidden from eagles and in the shade.
He also shows a couple techniques for scaring the animal at
The moment of hitting the snare to cause the animal to bolt thus
Really setting the lock.
He also discusses snaring with his canadian students who have
Shown him a few tricks for snaring wolves. Again...very interesting.
I look forward to tring a few things from his dvd. Thanks bronco2 for
Putting that on dvd from vhs. Was nice seeing some east mt

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