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Got a package the other day.....
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Author:  davydtune [ 11 Feb 2013, 06:55 ]
Post subject:  Got a package the other day.....

.... it was the brain tanning stuff I won from MG. This might not be a nice thing to say but nany, nany, boo, boo :lol: you all should be jealous :mrgreen: This dvd and field guide are awesome! I can't wait to give this a try. MG was nice enough to send some samples of the leather as well and your right mg, that one piece is butter! That piece of elk leather already has a home as well :wink: I've been needing to get a leather grip wrap for my longbow and that piece is almost cut to exactly what I need. I got the holes punched in it, just need to get some lacing to put it on. Also gonna use some of that real thin stuff to make a set of arrow head silencers for on the bow string. Once I get it all set up I'll put up a pic. It is unreal to me how good of quality this leather is, I see myself getting into this for sure. May even have to try and find a roadkill deer or something so I can give it a go before next fall :wink: Once again thanks MG! Was very awesome of you!

Author:  Swamp Rat [ 11 Feb 2013, 07:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: Got a package the other day.....

Glad you were the winner Davy....but I would have been much happier if had been me! :mrgreen:

Author:  davydtune [ 11 Feb 2013, 14:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: Got a package the other day.....


Author:  Musselshellgal [ 11 Feb 2013, 14:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: Got a package the other day.....

Hi Davey !!!!

Your very welcome, it really was my pleasure to hold the drawing. I loved the excitement, ( Im easily entertained :mrgreen: )

I'm so very glad your happy with the DVD and Field Guide and the hide samples :--D . I think it's great that you have found a use for them and I can hardly wait to see photos of what your making.

I hope you enjoy the art of brain tanning as much as we do and soon we will see you in your first excellent brain tanned shirt. Properly tanned, Brain tan feels fantastic next to the skin. 8)

Remember if you decide to use a road kill, make sure it hasn't started to turn bad. Because it will continue to rot through out the process and by the time you get to the softening, if the hide has been bad from the getgo, it will fall apart and all that work will have been in vain. :evil:

So use a fresh hide if possible. or if you find a fresh one and can't start in on it right away, freezing it is your best option. If you have to dry it, hang it sideways to let it dry. Don't hesitate to call email or text with any tanning questions you may have. There's not much else we'd rather talk about, unless it's snaring beaver !!!!!!! :mrgreen: 8) 8)

Author:  davydtune [ 11 Feb 2013, 19:01 ]
Post subject:  Re: Got a package the other day.....

Yeah I wont touch a road kill if it isn't fresh, isn't worth the hassle if the meat is no good ;--)

Author:  Loxahatchee [ 11 Feb 2013, 19:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: Got a package the other day.....

Davy, and anyone else interested, heres a link to a forum about braintanning and primitive leathwork http://paleoplanet69529.yuku.com/forums ... mp-Tanning

You can search the forum for any of your questions, or join and ask your own. But Im sure MGs guide will get you through :mrgreen: When you get to braintanning post some pics!

Author:  Musselshellgal [ 11 Feb 2013, 20:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: Got a package the other day.....

If you go there to PP, be sure to check out any and all brain tanning posts by MONTANNER GURRL......... ME.
If they haven't been deleted. It's been years since I posted there.
Also did a pretty good article on Winter time Tipi living, based on two winters in N. Idaho and one in British Columbia. if anyone's interested in that subject. That's in the primitive shelter threads.

Davy, or anyone, If your going to use our method to tan hides, please use our method alone, not pick a step from one method and another step from another and mix it in with our method.
If you want to experiment with other methods, just put our DVD aside, and if those methods don't work for you, then give our method a try. huggs

One thing about braintanners, we all have different methods and we all think our way is the best.
But really, our way is the best.. hahahaha :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 8)

Author:  Loxahatchee [ 11 Feb 2013, 21:27 ]
Post subject:  Re: Got a package the other day.....

MG, I agree that some braintanners dont like to hear alternate methods. And paleoplanet can be a little finicky with rules, but theres really only 2 to follow, no religion and no politcs, so that doesnt bother me. Its not like trapperman where its like some exclusive club (they want your phone number for crying out loud) so it could always be worse :roll: But there is a wealth of knowledge on PP, so I stick around it.... What exactly is your method of tanning hides? (Short summary, doesnt have to be real detailed. Dont want you giving away your secrets :oops: )

Author:  Musselshellgal [ 11 Feb 2013, 22:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Got a package the other day.....

Pre-smoke method, along with pre-stretching the hide to allow the smoke to enter deeper into the fibers.

Originally used by different NAs of the North West , using only brains, water, smoke and salt if the hides had been salted for storage. Most methods don't use smoke in the process, but after the hide is completed and for color only.
I've seen said by some tanners that if your working on a hide, and it's not softening after hours of work, to PRE -SMOKE it and it's guaranteed to soften, we just include it in the process.

I know tanners who use other methods who produce beautiful hides too. So many ways to skin that cat.

PP has a wealth of information on many different subjects. I really did enjoy the site and go on well with several people.

And you were probably only kidding, but we don't have any secrets that we don't share on our instructional DVD. Believe it or not, some tanners do have secrets that they won't share.

Author:  Loxahatchee [ 14 Feb 2013, 16:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: Got a package the other day.....

Ah ok. I have yet to do a deer hide (mainly because of my dad :--? ) so I just do furs. I forgot about presmoking when I softened my recent otter, so it took 2 oilings and softenings to get it where I liked it. I could oil and stretch it again, but Im fine with how it is. What do you smoke with? I cant find any punky wood in my rural suburb, so I just let some pine cones burn down to coals and throw some old pine chips on em, let them burn down, then throw wet pine chips on. I only smoked the otter for a half hour, but it still made my garage reak of smoke overnight :oops: Might be because its pine so thats the sap or something. But it works for me lol :mrgreen:

Author:  Musselshellgal [ 14 Feb 2013, 21:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: Got a package the other day.....

Can't help ya on that subject. We've only used our method for making leather from deer and elk., we've never done pelts of any sort. Sorry.

Natives in the NW who were known to have used the presmoke method, favored cedar for smoking their hides.
We use cedar CHIPS, not bark or mulch. We buy it in large bags from nursery/garden shops. The bark and mulch do not have the oils that the actual cedar wood chips have. We also have used juniper boughs, waffers and sawdust.
Seems those woods have the oils in them that work best for presmoking.
We have no experience with tanning with neatsfoot oils or eggs, which is popular these days but still called brain tanned leather for some reason. Depending on where you are, brains can be difficult to find. We always used cow brains until they were outlawed then went with pig brains.
I got into a rowe with some people who insisted that smoke is smoke. This may be true in some cases, as in when your finished with a hide and want to smoke it for color, then yes, it doesn't matter what you use, any smoke will color a hide.
And if smoke is smoke, I'd be making lots of money selling parsley. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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