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Todays little project
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Author:  Musselshellgal [ 26 Jan 2013, 11:16 ]
Post subject:  Todays little project

I recently decided to make something out of a piece of elk rawhide I have. Actually it's half a hide. I cut the hide cross wise separating front half from back half and sent the front half to a friend. Before soaking it this time it had been soaked once before and allowed to dry unlaced which resulted in a very hard wrinkled hide, which was impossible to lay flat for a pattern.
I soaked the hide two nights. One would have sufficed but I realized yesterday that I couldn't find all my parachute cord and had to go buy more, so soaked the hide again to work on it today.

The elk hide is actually too large for this deer hide frame. The idea is to stretch the hide sideways which takes it right to the sides of the frame. I didn't really prestretch this hide because my goal isn't to eventually soften it, but just to flatten it so I can cut out a pattern. Here it is just laced on before it's whitened out a bit by working it and pulling it tight. WAT !!!!
The position of the hide is the flat side is the cut so the hide is sideways on the frame.

Then after I worked it for a few minutes to whiten it out. I like to use rawhide that's been whitened out rather than use it yellow. I think it makes for a more attractive finished item.
I tightened it pretty snug, then as it dries it will pull tighter and become even more flat. I'll leave it on the frame until it is completely dry. If it's taken off the frame before it's dry, it will tend to wrinkle up a bit again. Once dry and off the frame, then I'll make a pattern out of paper and cut my project out. You can see the difference in the size of the hide from before its stretched and after. And it was only stretched slightly. One of the advantages of prestretching a hide, you end up with a larger hide than you would sans prestretching. My photos get sooo distored between camera and here. The hide and frame are actually wider. duh..I gave up trying to figure out why. Have a great day !!!!

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