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PLEASE READ: To reiterate the WAT position on profanity
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Author:  TrapperKD [ 18 Jan 2013, 12:38 ]
Post subject:  PLEASE READ: To reiterate the WAT position on profanity

From the Forum Rules and Guidelines-- The purposeful action of "dodging" the Profanity Censor is not allowed.

I consider this a "family site". The posts and threads here are open to be read by the public, including children who may be interested in becoming future trappers. So I do not allow any profanity on this site, pretty much the worst words anyone would be able to use are "hell" or "darn". If you cannot control yourself when posting, stop typing.

I own a restaurant and tavern. I know that swearing happens, I do it myself in conversation and writing. But I do not do it here. I ask you to do the same also.

Anyone caught trying to cheat the profanity filter here will have their posts deleted, without warning or question.

Thanks- Keith

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