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McCoys and Hatfields
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Author:  Pierre [ 05 Apr 2012, 20:35 ]
Post subject:  McCoys and Hatfields

I keep seeing previews on tv that soon there will be a series on the McCoy-Hatfield feud. Anyone related to either of these families? My Mom's grandmother was Sally Ann McCoy, she was born in a county near Pike County, Kentucky and she was a child when the feud was in full bloom. As a child my Mom heard the stories about the feud from her family, and her older relatives said we were related. I have done geneaolgy research and i have contacted folks who are related to Randall McCoy and his family, but I have made no connection yet. So i will say i am probably related.

The McCoy family was a large family and spread out on the Kentucky - West Virginia border. And of course the Hatfield clan was also very large. I have read two books on this feud and they were written by folks who visited the area and took oral histories and turned that into a book. So some of what I have read may be somewhat of a stretch, especially the number of folks killed. I do hope this version tells the story of Frank Phillips. Frank was married to a McCoy woman and worked as a peace officer in Pike County. He straightned out some of the Hatfield mess after they killed and burned several of the McCoy women. My Mom's family still talks of that episode.

Now for the record, i am not saying that the Hatfields were the only bad guys. There was plenty of bad bahavior on both sides.

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