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The Killer Angels...
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Author:  NonPCfed [ 30 Jan 2012, 01:56 ]
Post subject:  The Killer Angels...

Just got done reading The Killer Angels, the book that the 4-hour movie Gettysburg was based on. My brother gave it to me years and years ago but never read it until I started it on a plane ride home last Weds. The its one of those books that just needs to be finished. I've read a lot of Civil War material but this one is a bit different as a historical novel. Just sort of leaves an empty, haunted feeling inside. I've been to both Antietam and Gettysburg. At Antietam, what struck me was the smallest of the main battlefield, a couple of square miles. And both sides basically picked it to fight on. Gettysburg is physically more extensive but it was obvious to me (and perhaps knowing the outcome is 20/20 hindsight) that whoever held the high ground would have a great advantage. And yet the battle pivots at the end of the second day with the Blue forces barely getting men on two of those major hills to keep their flank from getting rolled. Won't even mention day three. Just hard to believe the reality of it all...

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