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PostPosted: 17 Feb 2011, 15:34 
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Professional Trapper
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I decided to post this because of some of the newer trappers on this forum and because I have been seeing a troubling trend in some letters I have seen in papers and posted in other areas. I know most of this is basic knowledge to a lot of you but hopefully it will help some.
In the fight to keep our trapping rights. Most of us at some point take the offensive. And make our voices heard. Quite commonly through outlets like writing letters to the editor in papers. I am not an eloquent speaker. So my pen is my sword. The catch though is that a poorly written letter can do far more damage to us than just letting the Bunnyhuggers rant.
Most letters are written in response to a letter(s) written by Anti's. A point must be made here. And it is a very important point. DO NOT WRITE WHEN YOU ARE MAD. Go sit down drink a beer and relax. A calm cool and collected writer is far more effective. Remember you are responding to an Anti' but not trying to win them over. The point is to win the observing public over. The ones with open minds sitting on the sidelines.
When writing or debating. You have two tools in this fight. A sword and a shield. Facts are your sword. With them you can parry a blow and slice your adversary down. I used one recently in a letter. " As far as the "Maiming and cruelty of Legold traps" I would like to point out, your beloved wolves that were introduced here. Were caught in footholds. And as our declining game populations are showing. The wolves must not have been maimed too badly". A quick slice with a fact can end the fight.
Your shield is Humor. By making your adversary into a laughing stock they lose all credibility. And therefor have a much harder time attacking. In a recent letter. The author claimed that trapping wasn't "Green". Because we use large amounts of fuel to run our lines.
But later in the same letter she talked about how much better wildlife watching was. My reply is simple. For those of us who dont view "Animal planet from an armchair" As wildlife watching. How are we going to get out to watch? Is that "Green"?
When your letter is finished. Have somebody proof read it for you. It is easy to get in a hurry and mess up. I have done it. And they will jump on you for it.
Be careful of the use of the term Tradition as well. They will just reply that it is outdated and Barbaric. Instead point out that it is not only a Tradition but also a modern management tool. Science and ethics are on our side. The modern relevance and need for trapping must be pointed out and used.
I hope some of this gave you some useful info and will help you in the future.

Yup, Welcome to Montana. Now go home.
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PostPosted: 17 Feb 2011, 16:36 
Good Job Woodswalker.. Very Very good points you made. Thanks for caring about trapping

PostPosted: 20 Feb 2011, 12:14 

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That is some great advice

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