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Author:  Let'R-Buck! [ 28 Feb 2007, 14:26 ]
Post subject:  Timberwolves!

Think we'll get any permits to trap these dirty bugger? I think after the recent horse mauling that happend a couple of months ago, they might be realizing that we need to do something about it. I've seen pitures of 2 young males about 25 miles SOUTH of Barron.

Author:  DFronek [ 03 Apr 2007, 11:48 ]
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We're going to have to fight hard to trap them.It seems the APHIS guys think non-government trappers aren't capable enough to trap wolves.We need to be as active as we can to push for the right to trap them.Sportsmen and women will probably beable to hunt them here before we're able to trap them.That's why it's importantant to get involved with your state trappers assoc. and stay informed and be pro-active.

Author:  TrapperKD [ 03 Apr 2007, 12:03 ]
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DFronek wrote:
That's why it's importantant to get involved with your state trappers assoc. and stay informed and be pro-active.

I second that motion.

Author:  Snowshark [ 10 Apr 2007, 21:01 ]
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I read through the DNR's proposal the the fish and game and it looks like we won't get the chance. The DNR would have to not be able to control the population and then it would have to go through the state legislature to get the wolf taken off of the protected list. You thought the dove hunt was a battle!! I heard that since the delisting that 3 wolves have been shot. :lol:

Author:  Snowshark [ 28 Sep 2007, 10:22 ]
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I found this on the Wisc. trapping assn. site from the conservation congress and thought that it was interesting.

"Our over winter 2006 count was 465-502, with a summer population of over 1000.

Instead of counting them, if we estimate the total like we do other wildlife species, or similar to the way Minnesota estimates their wolf population, the total number would be 2-3 times higher per Adrian Wydovan. Given that it would only provide opportunity for those who are legally challenging wolf delisting, it is not advisable to change our process at this time, but its significant to note that Wisconsin has more votes than the published count. "

It sounds like they are purposely counting instead of estimating the population, so the anti's can't argue the numbers. Hopefully once the suits are done they will use estimates again and that should open up some harvest. The current population if they figure would be closer to 1500 now.

Time will tell!!

Author:  Let'R-Buck! [ 22 Nov 2007, 23:59 ]
Post subject:  Timberwolves!

It's nice to see they are trying to keep the anti's at bay. I talked to my father-in-law over Thanksgiving dinner. He has friends that hunt the Chequamegon Forest up north. He said his buddies hunted form 6 am-5pm on saturday the opener, and 6 am-noon on sunday and between the 8 men hunting not one had seen a deer. Before they left they stopped for a bite to eat at one of the local restaurants. They got to chatting with a few of the locals and discoverd that they hadn't seen a single fawn all spring, summer and early fall. They have been seeing more and more Timberwolves around and less and less deer every year.
Sounds like they are getting fed up with all the red tape also and hope to get a season on them or to do something about it. Some are getting to the point that they are willing to take matters into their own hands. One Gentalman said that he did some research and found that a healthy female with 4-6 pups need to kill an average of 3-4 fawns A DAY in the spring to keep here and the pups fed. Just do the math that's alot of fawns. I don't know if the number of fawns per day is correct, but dang it sure makes you think!!

Author:  Vulpine [ 26 Nov 2007, 16:49 ]
Post subject:  Waaah.

I USED to hunt Chequamegon myself. Then, the wolves came up in numbers. Now, deer are hard to find. Am I upset? Sure, I love hunting up there.

However, being a trapper, I understand the natural balance.

So, understand that the only reason we hunt deer is to control the population. Well, with natural predation restored, there IS NO NEED to deer hunt there. Nature controls its own populations once again.

So, you want to exterminate wolves again? I'm not for that, personally.

Instead, I deer hunt in an area that needs my help to control the population; namely, the CWD area. In fact, I bought a muzzleloader to help with the task. Within four days I saw 14 deer...

...all bucks.

(CWD = Earn-a-Buck)


Author:  Let'R-Buck! [ 28 Nov 2007, 23:34 ]
Post subject:  Timberwolves!

No Sir, I DO NOT want to exterinate them. :roll: Just was curious on how other trappers in the state felt about the whole situation.

I myself would like to see a season someday. :D Kind of like our other game animals or furbearers we have to get permits for. I think it would be a great accomplishment as a trapper to have caught all 4 of Wisconsins Canines. It's like getting the "Grand Slam" in Turkey hunting. :wink:

Author:  Vulpine [ 30 Nov 2007, 13:04 ]
Post subject: 

I'm sorry if "exterminate" sounded like I meant YOU personally, I wasn't directing it at anyone in particular.

I've grown tired of hearing the complaints of deer hunters about the wolves. Many, if not all, seem to forget that is was US that rid the state of wolves in the first place, hence the re-introduction. And, many of them would like to see them re-exterminated.

However, those guys often don't even know that elk were re-introduced, too. So, maybe at some point we'll be able to harvest elk, also.

My only grievance with the wolves is that I wish they would have given elk a few more years to establish themselves before they introduced the wolves. It seems counter-productive to introduce prey and predator at the same time, doesn't it? You'd think it would have been much quicker and successful if they let elk numbers get to an "overpopulated" point, THEN introduce the wolves. With all the food, wolf numbers would have BOOMED in only a couple years. Then we could get right to trapping them!:)

But, I'm no professional wildlife manager. Perhaps they had disease concerns (rabies, mange, etc.) or some other peripheral issue that made them introduce both at the same time.

Author:  Snowshark [ 09 Jan 2008, 10:18 ]
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The Anti's really pushed for the wolf reintroduction, because like was stated "with the wolves we don't need deer hunting" THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE AFTER!
Remember the anti's are going at us from any angle that they can work.

Author:  toolroom [ 08 Dec 2008, 22:03 ]
Post subject:  wolves

I saw a t-shirt in Idaho at a tavern , just to show how popular wolves are.

Shoot , Shovel , Shut-up . picture of a head howling and the moon behind it.

cant wait for a hunting season , the DNR is way off on the numbers. trying to argue with DNR is like wrestling a greased pig!

Author:  Boomhawr [ 08 Dec 2008, 22:46 ]
Post subject: 

That's know as "triple S ing" something.

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