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280 conibear vs 330 for beaver
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Author:  Jackjr [ 11 Sep 2008, 09:44 ]
Post subject:  280 conibear vs 330 for beaver


I was on another forum recently and there was a lot of talk about using the 280 conibear for beaver. I also read in a book on conibear trapping for beaver that the 280 was the authors favorite beaver trap. I'm interested in using the 280 for beaver because of the cost, size - related to packing it in a basket, and weight. Any one have beaver experience with the 280?

Author:  killemall [ 30 Sep 2008, 12:04 ]
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I have heard of people using 280's but I would spend the extra money and get the 330's. A large Beaver is not a small or dumb animal. I think you would have large Beaver refusing to commit to the set's. I mean sometimes I wonder how they get in the 330's even. The 330 would definitely give it the larger opening to try to swim thru.
Just my feeling anyway.

Author:  Snowshark [ 08 Oct 2008, 12:20 ]
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I use both and I have found that I prefer the 280's. Here's why: The 280 is a little easier to set and carry. When trapping through the ice I find that sometimes a 330 is a little too big for the run when the ice gets thick. The 280 fits into the runs better. I haven't had any trouble with it taking care of even large beaver.
Just my 2cents.

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