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 Post subject: wow....
PostPosted: 26 Dec 2007, 16:53 
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I am from rural Tennessee, and here, if you were to say you didnt hunt or fish or do some sort of outdoor activity, you'd get looked at weird, and if you said you thought hunting, trapping, etc. was wrong, you'd get laughed out of town. Of course I've heard of 'antis' but always kinda figured they were a fringe group of weirdos. This forum has really opened my eyes to what's going on around the country. So I did some looking around at this sort of thing and thought I'd put up my thoughts on the topic....

It makes me sad that my generation is spearheading this nonsense (I'm 25). Their main argument seems to be: "Animals are cute, cute things shouldnt die". Sorry love, the great outdoors is the real world. More real than your office building and mortgage and student loans for your art degree. The real world doesnt care how cute or pitiful or pathetic something is. The outdoors is not the world you apparently grew up in....here a coyote doesnt have an anvil fall on his head and a couple seconds later mail order a rocket propelled jet pack. Rabbits dont stretch out gun barrels to shoot elmer fudd in the butt while making clever remarks and eating carrots, and your dog didnt go to live on a big farm in the country. Things die. Mother nature is not always pretty and she is never merciful. Closing your eyes and covering your ears and going "LA LA LA LA" really loud isnt going to make it go away.

Hunters and trappers have the strength about themselves to face this and be an active part of it. Without hunting and trapping today, wildlife would be far worse off. I guess your picture of a hunter or trapper is a bloodthirsty killing machine? We love nature and wildlife in a way that others never could. We see it firsthand. We participate. We are the shepherds of our flocks. We do not get a thrill out of killing for the sake of it anymore than a veterenarian who euthanizes feral strays, its simply the way it has to be for the betterment of the species as a whole. If you had 4 dogs and 1 got a deadly disease, would you put down your dog or watch all 4 die? It is the same principle, these animals would quickly become overpopulated if they weren't thinned out. Animals have to die and you dont want to participate, even if it means worse things for the species as a whole, you want to do nothing. "Evil is allowed to thrive when good men do nothing" comes to mind.

Hunting and trapping is for people who enjoy it and are willing to take on a great responsibility to our animal brothers rather than abandon them and pretend that we never were a part of nature and have no effect on it. Hunters and trappers love and enjoy nature. Please, name me a millionaire who made his fortune trapping. We're here due to our love and reverence for mother nature, not to get rich. We trap the same areas season after season and guess what, the stork brings new animals each time. We're not wiping out a population and then moving on to a new place, even the best trapper cant catch every coon in a creek or every fox or coyote or bobcat or mink, and even in situations where that is possible, trappers and hunters know that they want to come back next year and wont wipe out a population.

Biological studies and experiments in wildlife regulation laws have proven animal population control by humans to be vitally important time and again...so why are you against hunting and trapping? I think the answer is that you dont want the blood on your hands, and that's fine, just dont tie ours. Have you ever seen "nature take its course"? have you ever seen an animal dying of starvation because it's overpopulated? It is not pretty or fast.

Even worse is disease. Overpopulation leads to rampant disease. I once saw a red fox dying of mange. It had almost no hair left and didnt even try to run away from me. Its skin was mottled and disgusting and I could see in its sad eyes that this noble creature was just waiting to die. It was one of the saddest things I have ever seen, and I nearly wept looking at the poor thing. It was clearly suffering horribly and its spirit had been broken. This is what a lack of population controls in animals leads to. Many die of starvation and the rest are underfed which means immune systems are short changed and more animals means more contact with each other. Weak immune systems and lots of contact...all it takes is for a couple to get mange, rabies, distemper, or anything else and it spreads like wildfire.

Do you think hunting and trapping leads to extinction? This isnt the 1800s and we're not clubbing dodo's here. We dont take from endangered animals and modern trapping equipment and methods make non-target catches rare enough as to have no effect on endangered animal populations, and these animals are routinely released back into the wild, unharmed. In fact, biologists routinely use the same techniques and equipment as trappers to trap animals for radio tagging, population counts, etc. even endangered ones and I think we can all agree they have an interest in their catches being unharmed.

I CAN tell you what does lead to extinction though...disease, and habitat loss. We already covered disease so lets look at habitat loss. Do you ever see animal planet and NG bemoaning legal hunting and trapping? No. Its always habitat loss. Thats the real killer. Hunting and trapping organizations are some of the most avid supporters of habitat preservation, we have a real interest in it. Not just, "I want to see trees as I drive my SUV down the interstate", and have you ever looked up how much woodland has to be dozed over for soy fields to grow just 1 brick of that tofu you eat with such a self satisfied smile?

Suffering? Modern trapping knows that comfortable animals pull out less, and dont damage their pelts. Its not only merciful, its in our interest to make animals as comfy as possible and we'd trap them on certa mattresses with 600 thread count sheets if we could. I think I've established that the suffering that disease and starvation wreak is far worse than any hunter or trapper (people who do truly love wildlife) could bear to watch, much less cause. But its okay if animals die terrible deaths due to overpopulation so long as you dont have to see it happen right? Thats all it is isnt it? This isnt about animals at all, this is about assuaging your poor soft conscience isnt it? "Let the animals suffer and die so long as I dont have to feel guilty" right? That is the height of irresponsibility and to anyone who really knows the score and feels that way, you should be ashamed of yourself.

My two cents. I know antis reading this will quickly bring to mind a picture of some cute animal dying that some sicko put out in order to guilt people into agreeing with his/her position, but the sad fact is that if hunting and trapping were made illegal, a lot more animals would be dying far worse deaths.

 Post subject: habitat loss
PostPosted: 03 Feb 2008, 12:47 
In Louisiana our native forest are gone forever.where they once stood,now stands pine trees,planted close together.Once these pine trees get a few years growth,nothing much grows under them.The Quail in Louisiana are few and very far about.Big game hunting is about all thats left for most.Our young generation has no interest in hunting.Habit destruction is the anti's best friend.2 nd best friend is posted land.[img][img]http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa235/hemphillcreek/puppyleash014.jpg[/img]

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