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my sks
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Author:  sksman [ 09 Mar 2007, 23:19 ]
Post subject:  my sks

my Chinese sks with a few changes

Author:  Robert [ 11 Mar 2007, 09:32 ]
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Nice looking gun.

Author:  grinnergitter54 [ 11 Mar 2007, 20:22 ]
Post subject:  ChiCom SKS

Now that's a sweet lokking set-up ! Is the caliber of ammo for that called 7.62 x 39 mm and what kind of price do you give for them bullets ? I bet it really knocks the !#@* out of a deer !!! Nice pic !


Author:  grinnergitter54 [ 11 Mar 2007, 20:27 ]
Post subject:  SKS

That would be sweet looking, not lokking !!! :oops: Duh ! My bad ! I really am a college grad, believe it or not ! :shock: What kind of groups do you get at a 100 yds. ?


Author:  sksman [ 11 Mar 2007, 21:47 ]
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I pay 5 bucks a box with the Iron sights I can get a 1 1/2 inch grouping at 75 yards. I just got the scope put on it is not zeroed in yet but currently I can shoot a 2 inch grouping at 35 yards with a 40 mile an hour wind :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: it is 7.62x39

Author:  Whitepine [ 15 Mar 2007, 16:09 ]
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Nice gun!
I actually thought I was going to see a pic of a Polaris sks snowmachine! :D

Author:  tmrschessie [ 13 Jul 2007, 07:34 ]
Post subject: 

Looks like you have it dolled up. you might want to consider a good bolt action gun if you are looking for more extreme accuracy. Tom

Author:  armymedic.2 [ 08 Nov 2007, 22:03 ]
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nicee guns, i had one a while beack. shot great with irons, but like crap with a scope. the receiever top cover has some play in it, and the scope mounts to that.......seeing what im getting at. you could hit a barrel at 100, but why settle for that when you can hit a softball with irons. there was a reason they put the rear sight forward of the reciever i guess :?

Author:  sksman [ 15 Nov 2007, 17:02 ]
Post subject: 

yeah I took off the scope I like the iron sights better

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