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Author:  catmandu [ 04 Feb 2009, 22:32 ]
Post subject:  catmandu

Here's a pic of me ( Catmandu )and a 3 cat day 2 snares 1 220 coni. One I'm holding scaled 39lbs.


Author:  Swamp Rat [ 04 Feb 2009, 22:36 ]
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What a good catch. How did you go about snagging the one in the Conibear? Nice pictures.

Author:  Chris [ 04 Feb 2009, 22:37 ]
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nice cats very nice

Author:  catmandu [ 04 Feb 2009, 22:43 ]
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I had actually been seeing fisher tracks early in the season, and placed a bucket set in a thick pine tree planting. Beaver meat and a thick skunky lure. I fully expected to get the fisher, but was pleasantly surprised with the cat. I wish I had taken pictures of it's belly, It was super nice white with big spots, very UN-minnestoa like. I'm hoping he does well up at the auction in a couple of weeks.

Author:  Chris [ 05 Feb 2009, 09:26 ]
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man catmandu looks like you really messed up the bever this year! 102, NICE

Author:  catmandu [ 05 Feb 2009, 09:35 ]
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Hi Chris,

I'm not done trappin them yet. Usually take another 75 or so in the spring, when the ice starts to go out. Been averaging a couple hundred a year for quite some time.

Putting the hurt on the rats right now. Don't have a new count yet but getting 10-12 of them a day right now.

Author:  Chris [ 05 Feb 2009, 09:56 ]
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Man thats impressive. You sound like my uncle with coons. He traps for two weeks straight every year up in iowa and he usually gets over two hundred. Looks like you know what your doing. Hope i can put up some numbers like that next season.

Author:  Boomhawr [ 05 Feb 2009, 19:48 ]
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Good lookin cats.

Author:  PaGrouseGuy [ 08 Feb 2009, 20:46 ]
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nice lookin cats! that cats head musta barely fit through that coni

Author:  catmandu [ 09 Feb 2009, 11:02 ]
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true. the one I'm holding would of been a tight squeeze into a 220, but I got that one with a snare. 220 is the biggest coni we can put above water here in Minnesota.

Author:  PaGrouseGuy [ 09 Feb 2009, 11:40 ]
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we cant put any coni above ground here in pa

Author:  illtrapper2 [ 09 Feb 2009, 16:58 ]
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Great cats catmandu, any chance you could live trap some of thoes rats and ship them to Ill. :D Thier what I started out on when I was a kid, I sure miss trapping them in any numbers only caught one this season.

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