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Big coon Potter Co. Pa.
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Author:  buckknife [ 03 Jan 2009, 10:52 ]
Post subject:  Big coon Potter Co. Pa.


Author:  Woodsman [ 04 Jan 2009, 22:48 ]
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your pics aren't showing up for me. poter county huh? i'm from columbia county. my pap and his buddy and uncle all come up for pa bear. i come sometimes. i bet theres good cat trapping up there. many coyotes? they used used to be hear and kinda left

Author:  Boomhawr [ 04 Jan 2009, 23:23 ]
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Bloomy, I don't think yotes ever just LEAVE. Kinda like wild hogs. Once you get them, you're stuck with them. May just not have enough around right now to notice to much, but I bet they're still around, somewhere.

Author:  BigMoo3 [ 05 Jan 2009, 00:45 ]
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what i have learned from their tracks and stuff like that and seeing their movements in the snow.... for every one that is killed or seen there are 5 more that you didnt see

Author:  Swamp Rat [ 05 Jan 2009, 09:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: Big coon Potter Co. Pa.

buckknife wrote:

Buckknife, you may want to check and see if you left your photo posted at Photobucket....if you deleted it there, we can't view it here.

Author:  buckknife [ 06 Jan 2009, 17:05 ]
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Sorry guys new at this posting pics, Thanks swamp rat I did not know about deleting the pics on photo bucket. The pics are back up enjoy.

Author:  buckknife [ 06 Jan 2009, 17:18 ]
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Bloomy never seen any coyotes while doing any kind of deer hunting. I 've heard them while sitting at the fire pit at night time.

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