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My wish
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Author:  Woodsman [ 11 Feb 2008, 22:47 ]
Post subject:  My wish

wish i had one of these in my traps


Author:  moparmanpete [ 11 Feb 2008, 22:50 ]
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you and me both
Hope you get one

Author:  Woodsman [ 11 Feb 2008, 22:54 ]
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thanks bud
same to you

Author:  Trapper24/7 [ 12 Feb 2008, 08:57 ]
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guys it takes pratice dont get mad u didnt get one u will sooner or later just some tips read everthing u can and watch every video u can get it took me a little to catch my first fox what i can say is start out small and work ur way up fox are a really clever and smart animal start out by catching coons and once u really get good at catching coons then move on to catching fox catching fox takes alot of pratice u have to make everthing right for that fox to come to ur set but it will happen dont get mad make sure u have everthing clened and scent free or u wont catch a fox where rubber boots and rubber gloves and keep all ur tools clean and scent free to thats all i can tell u boys fox are harder then u think

Have fun trapping

Author:  Woodsman [ 12 Feb 2008, 09:02 ]
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It's my first year i already had a fox come in to my set but it didn't step on my trap :(

Author:  Trapper24/7 [ 12 Feb 2008, 09:06 ]
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i have only been trapping for close to 2 years and let me tell u i have had some bad experiences with fox stepping on my trap firing it but nothing i have had fox poop on my set i have had the foxes toe nails in my trap to :x i no how u feel it sucks but keep at it and u will soon have one waiting in ur trap

Author:  Woodsman [ 12 Feb 2008, 09:25 ]
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hey you're from PA too
foxes are hard little buggers

Author:  Trapper24/7 [ 12 Feb 2008, 11:09 ]
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yea they are they are really hard beginning of this season i had the hardest time i was getting so mad but i keept my cool and look i catch to this year and a coyote last year that yote was luck i think but hey glad i got him thats all it takes is pratice

Author:  KYtrapper [ 12 Feb 2008, 23:47 ]
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I agree with you trapperboy13 and moparmanpete. It would be great to catch one. A fox in the trap would be a perfect way to end my season.

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