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Muskrat Float Set
Submitted by Ron Gueldner

Hi Guys. You sure have a great site. Initially I didn't think I would share my "secret" muskrat technique, but after reading all of your articles etc. I am going to. You may know this one, but I learned it more than thirty years ago trapping 'rats in Saskatchewan. I made all of my spending money this way and it held me over for the year. I checked my line twice a day, and normally all the traps were filled both times.

I like to use #1 or #1-1/2 long springs for this setup. What you need for each setup is a large can - (You can get industrial food cans for free from most restaurants) or anything else that is about the size of a half gallon of milk.

Then you need to make a raft. I cut up used pallets for mine, again these were free. Make your raft out of four strips of wood about 20 to 24 inches long, with two shorter pieces nailed across at the bottom.

On the top, in the middle of the raft, put in a couple of finish nails that stick out about 1/8" that are just the size of the traps frame. This keeps the trap from getting knocked off, but lets a snapped rat jump off easily. Put in a fence staple at the front of the raft and another at the back. You can staple your trap ring on directly or wire it to the shore line so you won't lose it.

Hook up your shore line to the front staple and trap ring and stake it out. I like about seven feet of wire. Hook up your anchor wire to the back staple and then the can. Where I trapped five to six feet was plenty but you will have to adjust based on your water level.

Here is the great part of this set- set your trap and put it into position held by the nails. Put your can (filled with rocks) on it. It should float, more or less. Now push it out to the end of the shore wire and push the anchor can off with your trapping stick that is about nine to ten feet long. You are now in business. You can check these in a flash, when you see no trap on the board you have a catch. Obviously, we didn't have trap thieves where I lived!!!

To reset- just pull in the anchor wire and do it all again.

I don't know why, but every rat that cruises by will get on the board. No bait, scent etc. I have watched and seen it happen many times. I was also surprised to see that the average rat caught this way was drowned in under 30 seconds.

I hope you can use this technique and can benefit as much from it as I do. Good luck trapping!

-Ron Gueldner

Editor's note: Great set Ron! Thanks for the tip!

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