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How to set a foothold trap*

1. The easiest way to set a coilspring foothold trap is to stand on the levers with your feet. Then pull the jaws apart.



2. Put the dog on top of the jaw, and push down on it with your thumb. Reach UNDER the loose jaw and raise the pan with your fingers.
3. If you are strong enough, you can depress the trap levers with your hands with the trap resting on your knee.



4. Once you have pried the jaws open and put the dog over the jaw, you can easily hold the trap set with your thumb.
5. Reach under the loose jaw, and raise the pan. By keeping your fingers UNDER the jaw, you will not get pinched if the trap accidentally fires.


*Editor's note:  This information has been copied from the Ohio Division of Wildlife's website and Trapper Education Manual.  The ODNR's copyright policy states "Information presented on this (Ohio Division of Wildlife) site is considered public information and may be distributed or copied unless otherwise noted. Use of appropriate byline/photo/image credits is required."  Wild-About-Trapping.com has taken all possible steps to comply with the ODNR policy and thanks them for the generous use of this information.  We sincerely hope that young trappers will make the best of this information to increase their trapping enjoyment and success.

Home > Tips, pointers and sets > You are here: How to set a foothold trap