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The Flat Set*

The flat set is similar to the dirt hole set, except that it does not use a hole. The flat set uses an above ground object to attract the attention of an animal. This attractor also serves as the backing for the set. The trap is placed close to the attractor and lure is applied to the side of the attractor nearest the trap. This set can take all land-dwelling furbearers, but it is most effective for fox and coyotes.

One variation of the flat set is called the post set. It is made using a small post, about the size of a broom handle, and six to eight inches tall for a backing. Fox and coyotes like to urinate on objects like this to mark their territory. Urine or lure can be applied to the post on the side nearest the trap to make it more attractive.

Steps for Making a Flat Set

  • Place the attracting object where the animal can see it.

  • Dig a bed in front of the object for your trap.

  • Bed the trap and cover it.

  • Put a few drops of lure on the attractor.


1. A flat set uses an above ground object as a backing and an attractor. A chunk of old wood makes a good attractor for a flat set.



2. Dig a bed for your trap about 6 inches from the attractor. Stake the trap and put it in the bed.
3. Cover the trap with dirt as in the dirt hole set. To make the set look more natural, you can brush a small amount of ground clutter over the bare dirt.



4. To finish the set, pour a few drops of lure on the attractor. You could put urine on the attractor in place of lure.

*Editor's note:  This information has been copied from the Ohio Division of Wildlife's website and Trapper Education Manual.  The ODNR's copyright policy states "Information presented on this (Ohio Division of Wildlife) site is considered public information and may be distributed or copied unless otherwise noted. Use of appropriate byline/photo/image credits is required."  Wild-About-Trapping.com has taken all possible steps to comply with the ODNR policy and thanks them for the generous use of this information.  We sincerely hope that young trappers will make the best of this information to increase their trapping enjoyment and success.

Home > Tips, pointers and sets > You are here: The Flat Set