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EZ Venison Fajitas
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Author:  mudtracker [ 09 Sep 2006, 22:02 ]
Post subject:  EZ Venison Fajitas

Here is an easy and delicious way to make venison fajitas. First you need a charcoal grill if you aren't going to use one stop here :P
You will need the following.

venison loin or steaks
Lawrys mesquite marinade
green peppers
sweet onions
cojack cheese
hotsauces of choice
3 beers miller or corona
pico de gallo if you like it

Take your thinly sliced venison and marinate it for an hour or so. While this is taking place slice peppers and onions and saute lightly with some olive oil. When your done with them get the grill ready and start slapping the venison on. The trick with this is to not overcook the venison if you leave it on until it looks done it will be tough. When the venison comes off the grill let it rest for a few minutes. This is a good time to warm tortillas on the grill a few seconds on each side on a hot grill is enuff. Slice the venison thinly accross the grain and assemble your fajita. This is so yummy Oh I almost forgot the 3 beers are for while your grillin and the limes are for in the corona although a little lime juice on the meat is tasty too.
Today at lunch my 8 year old picked leftover venison over leftover fried chicken 8)
This recipie also works very well with duck and goose breast meat.

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