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ADC red fox in NJ?
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Author:  The Trap Guy [ 30 Sep 2009, 18:15 ]
Post subject:  ADC red fox in NJ?

Need advise about ADC red fox? I had a case with a local farmer that red fox had taken 34 chickens and had no success in this case. I had trapped everything but what I was after. I have plans of returning in November so then I could keep the fur? I trap in NJ we can only trap with Box traps and snares on land! I used scent for fox but catched other ADC animals. They ran out of chickens so the problem was solved some what!

Author:  nhcruffler [ 05 Oct 2009, 09:50 ]
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I am no expert but one set I plan on trying this winter may work for you. Basically you make a box and put a chicken inside it. Make it comfortable & give it food & water. Put this box on top of another box. The bottom box has one opening on the side. The idea is that the fox hears, smells & sees the chicken and circles the box looking for a way to the bird. He then goes inside the bottom box and gets caught in a leg hold or in your case a snare. I have not tried this yet and have only read about it in one of my trapping books. Not a set you are going to haul into the woods but sounds like it could easily be placed next to a chicken coop. NH

Author:  The Trap Guy [ 05 Oct 2009, 11:08 ]
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Thank you nhcruffler my wife of 20+ years who doesn't trap had something like your plan she is full wisdom for a none trapper and I will try your idea have nothing to lose the chickens are gone. NJTA had there monthly meeting on Sunday 10/04 and they had some great ideas also. Again thank you for the info. I will let you know if this works out. You also let me know if you have success with this set?

Author:  nhcruffler [ 05 Oct 2009, 11:17 ]
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You may be able to find free chickens / roosters in your local paper. Seems I am always seeing adds like that in my area. Sounds like there is a good fox population around that farm. Or just one really smart one. The most important thing I left out was A BIG WELCOME to the forum. You will find a friendly bunch here that will be happy to help you the best they can. Good Luck . NH

Author:  Mohawk [ 05 Oct 2009, 22:20 ]
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Welcome to the site Trap Guy. I would try anything legal, meaning the set described by nhcruffler and all the other sets that the trappers association told you about. You may load up on the foxes in the area as well as some other worthwhile fur. Good luck!

Author:  Nelson [ 13 Feb 2010, 20:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: ADC red fox in NJ?

Hey trap guy, how did you make out with that ADC fox last Nov?

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