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Author:  fuzz269 [ 13 Aug 2009, 08:47 ]
Post subject:  All set

Well after 2 months of waitin my nusance permit finaly showed up, man that gov works fast, lol. I got my business cards all made up and I started handin some out yester day, so with a little luck and a few more cards maybe I can get some trappin work yet this year. I think I will be mostly doing beaver calls to start out but I hope to get calls for other critters to.

Author:  Nelson [ 13 Aug 2009, 09:49 ]
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Glad to hear you have it. I got mine a couple months ago and the phone has not been ringing off the hook. I thought I'd get a few calls based on what the state told me. Not so as of yet. I guess the game wardens are not as busy as they proclaimed. It is nice to be able to just do a lot of stuff without verbal or written permission.

Author:  peace keeper [ 13 Aug 2009, 16:47 ]
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hey guys check into getting a buisness liscense then go for the nickle ads or phone book buisness liscense here only cost 55.00 for a sole propriatership and worth every cent also made a big difference in how many people wanted to use me i went to the nickle ads here it was fairly cheap and it trippled my calls then went to the phone book and thats all the advertisement i do wich is more than enough :D :D
good luck to the both of you once the calls start comming in they will never stop :roll: :roll: :roll: if your in for the long haul it will pay.took me about a year befor it got real buisy but that was only do to lack of equipment .word to the wise invest in live traps now lots of them

Author:  Chieftain [ 14 Aug 2009, 08:47 ]
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word of mouth is hard to beat, once you get going, the word get's out..some of my clients i'v had for 15 years..they are my best way of getting more clients..

Author:  nhcruffler [ 17 Aug 2009, 09:55 ]
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Seems most of my money has been made with the live traps doing skunks & woodchucks. I have been charging $50 set up & evaluation and $50 per animal. In my classes they said the ladder would be used the most but I have not had much exclusion work. That said , after one year I can say that things are picking up. Good luck to you. nh

Author:  trappintime [ 17 Aug 2009, 10:34 ]
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Chieftain wrote:
word of mouth is hard to beat, once you get going, the word get's out..some of my clients i'v had for 15 years..they are my best way of getting more clients..

Couldn't agree mor with that statement Chief :D Always remember that if you do a good job that the customer will tell maybe three people but if you do a bad job and do nothing to make it right that the whole world will know in a hurry. Getting a business up and running takes a bit of patience but good work will make it grow just like fertilizing a crop.
Good luck on the new venture's guys :D

Author:  peace keeper [ 20 Aug 2009, 19:45 ]
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hey nh have you price checked your compatition your prices seem kind of cheap. but then again cheap isnt always bad gets your name out quicker.do you check your live traps every day or do you make your cliants do it just wonderin

Author:  nhcruffler [ 21 Aug 2009, 13:16 ]
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Usually its right around their house so they can easily check the traps in the morning. So far they all kinda get into the whole " we're a trappin" thing. Saves me a lot of running around. As business picks up I am sure my prices will. You soon realize just how valuable your time is. I now have a guy that wants a few beaver ( to rebuild an old beaver dam) but doesn't want to pay up. Well I guess he will have to get them himself. nh

Author:  peace keeper [ 21 Aug 2009, 20:33 ]
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so you can relocate where ever very cool i have to call fish & wildlife dept.every time i do a relocation and drop where they tell me -----sucks

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