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Chipmunks & Red Squirrels
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Author:  nhcruffler [ 08 Dec 2008, 14:36 ]
Post subject:  Chipmunks & Red Squirrels

Anyone have some good tips on getting rid of / or lowering the population or red squirrels & chipmunks in a shed / pole barn type structure. It is kinda tight but they still have work to button it up. The doors are the main entry points at this time. My first thought is just a lot of rat traps but am willing to listen to any tips you may have. NH

Author:  Swamp Rat [ 08 Dec 2008, 15:31 ]
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Have you ever used the glue traps? I have no idea what the size of a red squirrel is, so the glue pads may not work for them. They should work for the chipmunks.

Author:  ryebear [ 08 Dec 2008, 15:49 ]
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I know a guy who has his young son run a squirrel trap line with those big rat traps and peanut butter. BTW those red colored squirrels are pretty nifty I never seen one till a couple seeks ago. All our squirrels are grayish.

Author:  nhcruffler [ 09 Dec 2008, 07:31 ]
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Heck, I thought those red squirrels were everywhere. They are bigger than a chipmunk and about half the size of a gray. I have always been told that they compete with the grays for territory. They do this by biting the grays , uh how do I say this, jewels off. I will probably try both the traps. I have to be careful because this is a storage shed for a children's museum. I can not have a squirrel running around with a trap on him. It would not look too good. nh

Author:  Boomhawr [ 09 Dec 2008, 08:02 ]
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Tie off the trap. I catch fox squirrel in my yard, and rats in the barn with foot holds. Eather bait them (penut butter is good asround here) and put them in places you see them or their sign at. Or, if you can find runways, put them there. Ledges, spaces between 2 objects they go between, rafters, ect. I think Jonothan had a post somewhere that shown some sets for rats, that would probably work here, too. Gettingf ready for work, so I'll have to look for it later.

Author:  Boomhawr [ 09 Dec 2008, 23:07 ]
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Well, shoot. It was on another forum that Jonothan posted that. Oh well. Let us know if you need more than we've givin so far, and we'll see what we can do.

Author:  nhcruffler [ 10 Dec 2008, 08:06 ]
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Thanks Boom, I think I got it from here. NH

Author:  Beaverinbob [ 26 Dec 2008, 08:37 ]
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Take the large rat traps and screw them to 2x6 pieces. Then bait them with bird seed and peanut butter. Works like a charm. Also, if no other critters are coming in through under the door you can set a 110 over the entries. I have done this a lot in sheds and it works well. Good luck.

Author:  PaGrouseGuy [ 09 Feb 2009, 11:55 ]
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reds are highly territorial and they are vicious little critters. rat traps work great baited with peanut butter with corn mixed in. we have problems with them gettin in the shed and chewin off fox and coon tails.(my fault for not havin them far enouh away from the wall) regular mouse traps with peanut butter work alright for chimpmunks around here.

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