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Predator hunting outfitters?
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Author:  Jim [ 11 Oct 2009, 09:26 ]
Post subject:  Predator hunting outfitters?

I have been viewing this forum for sometime now and learned alot. i have been trapping since i was 16 and love it and still have ALOT to learn. This is my first post and hoping for some guidence. I want to take my father on a guided predator hunt for coyote and fox for his birthday. I am willing to travel anywhere. Anyone have any experience with an outfitter? or know of any? I have surfed the web alittle and can only find outfiters that do it one the side or off season of big game and not sure if the are experienced in predator hunting. thanks

Author:  adksasquatch [ 11 Oct 2009, 20:12 ]
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Never used a guide myself. Texas seems to be the place for guided predator hunting, typically coyotes. I have to tell you, it's not harder than any other critter. I'll be hunting 'yotes hard once I fill my deer tags or deer season ends.

Author:  trappintime [ 03 Dec 2009, 18:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: Predator hunting outfitters?

I only know one coyote guide and I will squash him like the Frog he is. I don't trust guides and never used one. I'd suggest you buy a call and do it yourself as it is more rewarding anyway.

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