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Author:  Lil Bit [ 03 Sep 2006, 13:09 ]
Post subject:  New Traps

It's a rare occassion when I break down and buy new traps. I tend to buy used traps and modify them to suit my needs. However, when it comes to 330's, people tend to want as much if not more for used than you can buy new, so I broke down and bought some of the Duke Magnum 330's.

These traps are massive. Real work horses. I like their construction, and the heavy duty dogs and safety springs are certainly nice. I like the duke body grippers. Haven't had any problems with the smaller sizes. The foot holds are another matter. The old dukes were junk. The newer dukes though I find are a fantastic trap. The opposite holds true for the victors, in my opinion.

What happened? What caused this shift in quality for both companies?

Author:  mudtracker [ 03 Sep 2006, 15:49 ]
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Hey lil bit hows it going. I think those duke body grips are ok too I got some 160's and 220's and I have all I can do to set them by hand. Are you going to be able to do some beaver trapping this year or are you investing for next year?

Author:  Lil Bit [ 03 Sep 2006, 22:38 ]
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Unfortunately, I will not be able to trap at all this year due to my injury. But, next year, I hope to really get out there and have a lot of fun. :)

Author:  TrapperKD [ 04 Sep 2006, 00:01 ]
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I agree about the old Dukes, I ended up with bent jaws on a bunch of mine. I'm trying to remember what I bought years ago, I think they were BMI Magnums. They were a much beefier trap.

Author:  mink1574 [ 04 Sep 2006, 01:13 ]
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IMO,what happened to the quality issues: Victor has had to go as cheaply as possible to try to stay competitive. I know there not price wise.But some people wont buy a trap without it being made here.I'm not slamming the victors,they will do the job,but I havn't personally bought any new ones since the 80s. Ido look them over at conventions,the SC ,Bridgers,BMIget my money on new.Mostly Im like you,I buy used.Tried the Dukes years ago,didnt like em.but as ya say Bill has improved them alot,may give em another shot next year.

Author:  Lil Bit [ 04 Sep 2006, 08:44 ]
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It's just a shame. Victor used to be the name you trusted when it came to trap quality. Oh well. I suppose in everything, there comes a time for a changing of the guard. Duke is definately the new up and comer. Sleepy Creeks aren't bad at all, and they're made in WV (woo!) I believe. :)

Author:  TrapperKD [ 04 Sep 2006, 10:59 ]
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Yeah, I have been reading good things about the Duke's lately too. It sounds like they have improved the quality.

Author:  warcraft1975 [ 04 Sep 2006, 12:09 ]
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i bought a few dozen of the new profile duke 3's, and i can say enough good things about them right out of the box the loose jaw and pan lays flat,they are well made,the whole trap is pretty much perfect

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