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A 110 Provides The Ultimate X-Mas Gift!!
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Author:  Nutz4TrapN [ 23 Dec 2007, 14:45 ]
Post subject:  A 110 Provides The Ultimate X-Mas Gift!!

Several days ago I was only able to set 4 marten sets when a snow storm made me discontinue my efforts. Yesterday, I decided to check these four and add to this line. My first two marten sets were hit. Both traps snapped & empty with the bait stolen in my 1 gallon buckets. I remade the first set but after seeing predator tracks leading to the second, I decide to pull it. Feeling a bit frustrated with the coyote thieves, I moved on. As I approached my third marten set, I was greeted with spotted fur. I was in total disbelief. A bobcat put its entire head through a 110 Conibear and into the 1 gallon bucket. The below photos show the results of what the Conibear (even the smallest) can do. These light weight bucket sets provide me with superb marten catches. Yesterday, they gave me a gift I will never forget! You can bet I will be setting my 220 bucket sets on the next trip to this area.



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