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NAFA May/June 2016 sale
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Author:  Swamp Rat [ 30 Jun 2016, 06:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: NAFA May/June 2016 sale

Amak wrote:
Swamp Rat wrote:
I have a question, on the NAFA report on lynx cats sold, the colors are listed as XP & PL, that I figure is extra pale and pale, but under Section/Quality the codes read RD, VRD, and RDVFLT. I feel most will say the RD stands for red but if so why is that not under color instead of Secton/Quality? How can a hide be very pale and very red at the same time?

Another part to think about, is there are 2 base color variants in cats, that deal mainly with the whole cats apperance. On its back, sides, legs, and so on. They are red and blue, and can be various stages of each, like your VRD. Most normal color ratings of xp and pl, have to do with the overall color depth or "fastness" of the cat.... You can have a pale red or med red, or pale blue or med blue or xxp of either too...or any other combination. It just means the cat is red, but adding pale to the label, makes it a lighter looking red....a "med" or "very" rating means that red is more crisp and defined. The Number ratings are a way to classify belly spotting and how crisp and defined they are, as well as how wide the belly fur is.

Thanks Amak, I will try and sort all this info out in my thick skull.

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