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Want to hear your opinions/viewpoints
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Author:  TrapperCH [ 03 Apr 2015, 23:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: Want to hear your opinions/viewpoints

I trap because I enjoy the challenge of catching and outsmarting an animal in its own territory, not to mention it's a hobby where you can get something back in return. I love the trap preparation all the way to the fur handling.

Author:  HappyTrapper [ 08 Apr 2015, 20:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: Want to hear your opinions/viewpoints

The prices right now really suck, that said I will trap again all next winter :D

Author:  peace keeper [ 20 Apr 2015, 22:53 ]
Post subject:  Re: Want to hear your opinions/viewpoints

Richard Murray wrote:
Amak wrote:
Im sorry then, but you dont understand your quarry or simple ecology. The fact is whereever striped skunks exist, they den stacked on top of each other and 10 skunks in a single den is very normal. Over population would mean exceeding the carrying capacity of the ground which is determined, left alone, by nature. Over population, and animals being in mans way are two very different things..

AGREED TOTALLY!!!!!! Amak beat me to this. I have been holding back on my response but my temper got the best of me. Trapping and killing critters just to throw to the way side to rot and then posting about it does us trappers no justice at all. To say they are worth nothing is nuts. Skunks have great value. Skunk pelts are in big demand and selling good. Worth more than coons. Not to mention the essence selling between $14 to $16 an ounce. Plus the empty pods hole value to the lure makers. Add that up and that's some very good coin for them little critters. This is a great thread my friend!

Skunk hides them selves are a good sell on the private market I fetch between 15 and and 35 hide just sending up to tan and then selling private party I do not advertise just sell by word of mouth and don't really have a problem moving them it costs me ruffly 5 to 7 dollars to have tanned depending on how many I send up I do not target skunks but I will not turn them down other just because one market won't pay does not mean the next won't ither they may not be big money payouts but what is good money 70 dollars for 10 hides or 35 for one I will take the 35 dollars any day of the week I am not trying to ruffle anyone's feathers by this just stateing that if you put in the time to trap take the time to deal with the animals you harvest besides the personal gratitude one feels for a job well done is far greater than the mighty dollar I trap and started trapping because I love to do so I spent most of my. Adult life damage trapping rather than trapping for sale because I could not justify to my self the taking of animals for the low dollar amount we receive for our area and by helping someone else it justified to my self that what I did was helpful to others this in turn turned into a family business that my wife and children get to partake in and now my wife runs the business good luck pk

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