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Author:  Chick [ 21 Mar 2015, 12:41 ]
Post subject:  slow

Texas trapping season is almost over, and over in most other regions, so I guess there is not much traffic here.

Author:  wolf1199 [ 21 Mar 2015, 14:11 ]
Post subject:  Re: slow

Things slow down this time of year, next week when Nafa has their sale things will perk up some.

Author:  Chick [ 21 Mar 2015, 18:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: slow

I still have 4 Select grey fox up there from last year, so I set my traps so, hopefully, I would not catch any this year. Red fox went Top Lot, but my buddy picked them up on the other side of our lease. Those are the first red fox I have seen up there in 11 years of hunting there.

Author:  Backwoodsmansback [ 22 Mar 2015, 00:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: slow

Just running a few beaver sets here. Nephew is hammering hard till the end though. Im ready to fish now. Beaver are the only prime fur here now. Freezers are full of meat from the line, all green hides or S&D ones are gone cept the beaver and a few otter the nephew is sending to auction. As the bug bites back into everyone with new ground, equipment/supplies to buy etc there'll be more here. Campfire will have all the warm weather activities, fishing, mushroom hunting etc etc. plus line Wolf said as the auctions are held there'll be discussions on how everyone did, thoughts & opinions.

Author:  trapperrick [ 22 Mar 2015, 04:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: slow

Everything is done here in PA with the exception of beaver which ends on March 31st. I was planning on trapping some spring beaver the ponds are still locked up with ice but a bit too thin to walk on. As soon as I get a half decent day above freezing I'll clean out the fur shed, clean up the traps and put away the fur handling gear. What Swamp Rat does every year is get all of his trapping gear ready for next season when it's put away. So, I'm going to boil a re-wax the traps then put them away and will be ready for November again.

Author:  TrapperKD [ 24 Mar 2015, 09:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: slow

Welcome to the site Chick! Things generally slow down here in the spring/summer and heat up during trapping seasons. Nice to have you here. :D

Author:  Chick [ 27 Mar 2015, 15:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: slow


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