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PostPosted: 29 Sep 2013, 11:55 
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I find it interesting how a piece of antelope hide can be used in different ways on the trap line.

My former trapping buddy and boss, Fuller Laugeman, the retired Mt. State trapper with one leg and the desire to not give up on what he enjoyed most in life , used a white piece of antelope hide to lure the cat to the trap which was located under the flapping hide. We'd prepare the ground under an over hanging branch, smooth out the immediate area of pebbles, twigs that might hinder the closing of the jaws, secure the trap via a cable, to the trunk of the tree, camouflage the wire a bit with some brush, then bury the wire to the trap, set and camo the trap with some walnut hull and sifted dirt from immediate area, which is what he liked and he was the boss and me the go~for grunt, I loved it ! He'd find a twig and stick it in a bottle of his favorite cat lure, PACIFIC CALL, and secure it to the tree on the opposite side of the trap than the path to it, so the cat had to walk across the trap to get a good sniff. After the trap was all set we'd clear a path to the trap which was located so that there was only one easy way to get to it. Then we'd clear the path further and put up little obstacles such as rocks or branches to further funnel the cat to the trap. He said "kittys don't like to step on little pebbles" so we'd add some pebbles along the outer area of the clear smooth path. He said he'd done it this way for many years and had caught many cats.

In Petroleum county Mt. the cat quota is taken rather quickly, I hear they've increased the number by 200 or more, but still, the old pros take them fast so the cat season ends soon. While I trapped with he we only took one cat. We focused mainly on beaver.
I did catch a huge owl by the toe once, I know I've written here about that experience of letting him loose.

Im a snare user by heart and have never used a steel trap on my own sets. Have never caught anything but the intended prey on any snare I set. Not many owls or other critters under water, let along under the ice, where I prefer to set snares.

Anyhoooo, since Bronco2 was kind enough to put my OGorman vhs tape on DVD for me, I found out there's another way to use that flapping antelope skin. He often uses it as a distraction piece, rather than an attractant. I found it so interesting that he'd position his trap in such a way, say right after a rise in the trail, or right at the bend on the trail, that when the cat came trotting down the trail, his eyes were immediately drawn away from the awaiting trap, and to the piece of skin which was located off in the distance a bit and opposite the trail so that the cat is a bit surprised to see movement and has it's attention drawn from the trail and the trap. Interesting for sure.

As I finish this little post I wonder if I've written about it already. Sorry for the ditto of that's the case. I'm actually surprised at my love of trapping. Having been raised in the BABMI era, and have always had a very soft, kind heart when it comes to animals.
Somehow on the trap line, it becomes a business and a necessity, and I suffer little guilt feeling about taking the animals.

More than ever this year I'll be using the beaver for meat. Might even cook the skinned tail next to a fire, then cut it up and use it to flavor beans. I remember posting that here and grossing someone out at the thought, but it's not much different than pork bacon, and at least it's not full of antibiotics and growth hormones that commercial pork is injected with , which I do throw caution to the wind and enjoy every chance I get ! lol

I save the oil sack for use on leather boots as well as on wooden items, like knife handles etc. It has not beaver smell like the castor glands do. Joe didn't like it much when I started using the oil to condition my hair...lol.. he's just over civilized I guess. lol
Here's to a successful trapping season for everyone, stay safe. huggs, mg

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