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Pole question
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Author:  MEtrapper [ 20 Sep 2006, 19:39 ]
Post subject:  Pole question

This topic might get locked due to content. Here goes anyway.

Anybody ever considered using a needle-pointed pole for anything but skunks? Raccoon maybe? I'm thinking it might be worth it for less blood and a smaller hole (if any) to stitch up...

Author:  TrapperKD [ 20 Sep 2006, 21:20 ]
Post subject: 

Keep it going. :) After all, it is a humane way to dispatch.

Author:  STEELWALKER [ 20 Sep 2006, 21:51 ]
Post subject:  NEEDLES

I have never used one. Considering I have to walk most of my line another thing to carry gets to be burdensome. My holstered pistol in a shoulder harness works just fine. Besides, I like to stay away from the "area" of likelihood concerning a skunks aim. Don't you have to be relatively close to use the injection pole? My wife thinks I smell now when returning from the line.

Author:  ADC [ 20 Sep 2006, 23:58 ]
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I use one on skunks. It may work on possums but I'd not try it on anything else. They are just way too agressive, you'd end up with broken needles and bitten syringes.

Steelwalker that's the thing about using a pole syringe on skunks, they don't spray.


Author:  MEtrapper [ 21 Sep 2006, 08:40 ]
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I was worried about animals being too agressive. It came to mind after the post. I had a raccoon last year that charged at me over and over. Rifle still gets the nod I guess.

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