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Fox Baits
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Author:  Ish [ 19 Apr 2007, 15:54 ]
Post subject:  Fox Baits

I want to make a bait that just reaches out to any fox, now do i want to make it as smelly as I can, or go with a milder smell, and what can i use to make it, like fish chunks, shellfish oil, stuff like that.

Author:  Snowshark [ 20 Apr 2007, 08:47 ]
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I usually use a milder lure and use a long distance call lure nearby when i want to pull them to the set. I like Art's long distance call lure and I have used a wide variety of lures in my dirtholes.

Author:  Ish [ 20 Apr 2007, 13:55 ]
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so you use two different lures?, one in the dirt hole and the other one like on a log or clump of grass nearby?

Author:  smokeymike [ 21 Apr 2007, 04:47 ]
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The fox bait I am going to use this year is mice. I am starting now to catch mice in one of the multi catch traps. I know a good trapper who is helping me in learning to dirt hole better and he has never led me wrong so far. He said "feed em what they eat " get some mice age them a little and freezed individualy in sandwiich bags. It made sense as fox tend go for smaller bait in my experience and since I am dirt holing farm fields it only make sense that mice would be a common prey. All this being said I will let you know at the end of this season as to how it all turns out. Good trapping. It should be noted that I use long distance lure at a distance handy and fox urine at the site.

Author:  Snowshark [ 21 Apr 2007, 06:59 ]
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I normally only use long distance call lure if I want to pull an animal to the set. Usually I try to place my sets where the animals are already traveling, then it isn't neccesary. If youcan put your sets where they are, not tryto get them to come to you. You get better catch rates that way.
Mice are the ultimate bait, most K-9's make up the better part of there diet on mice!!

Author:  STEELWALKER [ 07 May 2007, 23:46 ]
Post subject:  fox bait

I agree with snowshark. Mice make up the majority of any canines diet. I catch them in the basement and in the chickencoop. Freeze them and plop a whole mouse down the hole come trapping time.
I also make a canine lure/bait out of the scrapings from the beaver I catch. Works great on k9 , fisher, weasel, mink and occasional coon.

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