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Duck Huntin
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Author:  TN Trapper [ 21 Nov 2006, 12:08 ]
Post subject:  Duck Huntin

Duck season opens here in TN this saturday, just wondering if any of yall have been chasin any feathers?

Author:  quackattack13 [ 29 Nov 2006, 12:00 ]
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im from western minnesota and we didnt have a whole lot of luck up here but we also didnt get out as much as usual! good luck to ya

Author:  TrapperKD [ 29 Nov 2006, 13:49 ]
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Quack-- Were the numbers just down this year? Or was it the weather... :roll: I didn't have the time to get out duckin' this year. :(

Author:  quackattack13 [ 30 Nov 2006, 09:45 ]
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there were quite a few around just didnt have much luck

Author:  TN Trapper [ 30 Nov 2006, 10:55 ]
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Here in TN we are seeing alot of ducks but they are mostly little ducks. Last weekend we killed 31 mostly woodies and teal, not a one big duck. Hopefully this cold front about to hit will push them on down. But the biologist say that duck numbers are up well I cant wait to see.

Author:  quackattack13 [ 30 Nov 2006, 11:52 ]
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i don't believe we killed a single mallard if so not too many. most of the ducks we got were shovelers, bluebills, and ducks like that. our best luck came at the end of the season when we chopped a large hole in the ice and put one robo out with about three floaters and a few fullbodies on the ice the ducks really liked that set up!

Author:  TN Trapper [ 30 Nov 2006, 18:22 ]
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Them robo's can do the trick, but in the past I have seen birds flare off of one too. We usually use one ore two and a mallard machine, with quite a few decks.

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