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2 1/2 gallon bucket set pics
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Author:  moparmanpete [ 06 Mar 2008, 01:18 ]
Post subject:  2 1/2 gallon bucket set pics

This is the idea I've been kicking around for a lil, I doubt it's original, but oh well. It might just serve my needs. It's shown housing a 120 as well as a 1 1/2cs Those are probliy the ways i would run it. Just like a cubby





I"m not done with it yet i still have some holes to drill for staking and ventilation and a scent tank holder in the rear (Will explain later)
Then need to camo it. I'll probly make about 12 that can double for coil and conis

Now this is just for coon and grinner

So what do ya'll think?

Author:  Preacher [ 06 Mar 2008, 01:20 ]
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I've seen stuff like that before, but never used it myself. I think I'm going to try it out this season though.

Author:  moparmanpete [ 06 Mar 2008, 02:08 ]
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One worry I have is if I don't stake it down they can just flip it over to get to the bait, but when using a foot hold I fear that if staked down too good, they can get ahold of the bucket and leverage there way out of the trap, I'm not too worried about using conis though.
Any ideas??

Author:  trapperwannabe [ 06 Mar 2008, 14:14 ]
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How about placing a log over the top to keep it from being lifted

Author:  Preacher [ 06 Mar 2008, 15:55 ]
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Maybe you could stake the trap and bucket down with the same stake.

Author:  TrapperKD [ 06 Mar 2008, 17:07 ]
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How about cutting a slot in the bucket without cutting through the top rim? Then you could run your stakes through the springs and the whole works would be staked down (with bodygrippers of course. Coil springs would require a different staking method).

Author:  KYtrapper [ 06 Mar 2008, 18:04 ]
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I've also seen pictures of trap sets like this before. I'm planning on making several bucket sets like this next year. I would probably end up using the foothold option though do to free ranging pets around here.

Author:  Nutz4TrapN [ 29 Mar 2008, 10:33 ]
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I use buckets constantly near our creeks & rivers. The problem I was faced with was that any staking was nearly impossible due to virtually no soil. Most of the banks are made up of rock and boulders. So, perhaps you may try this suggestion to support your partial buckets. I simply fill bed rock into a white sand bag (they can be purchased relatively cheap & come usually sold in larger volumes). The bags are lightweight and strong. After filling, just tie the bag tight with the strings that come with them. The bags are big enough to put as much as 25-35 lbs of rock. It is not necessary to completely fill them. 3/4's full is all I do so that the bag of rocks can be draped over the top of the bucket. I also attach the conibear trap chain to this bucket. Because of its weight, it makes a great drag. Should the captured animal have enough energy to reach the depths of the water, I will find them drowned and hidden out of sight from trap thieves. One last thing, I like to attach my buckets to this bag as well so that it doesn't disappear down with the rapids. These are just a few things I found very useful on my line.
By the way, I think you have a great set-up.

Author:  TrApPeR [ 29 Mar 2008, 11:56 ]
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Sounds like it would work. KDs idea sounds good for staking.

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