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Sunday's Ride to Red River NM
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Author:  Musselshellgal [ 21 Sep 2016, 12:07 ]
Post subject:  Sunday's Ride to Red River NM

Always the same answer when Im asked "What do you want to do today?"
So off we went west on 350 to Trinidad then south on 25 to the Cimmeron/Taos exit west. I was thrilled the first time I went through Cimmeron. I recollected seeing that cowboy on early tv in the series Cimmeron Strip, riding across the prairie with flat mountains in the background. Looks the same.

Cimmeron is barely more than a village with a few tourist traps and gas station and a couple bars. Past that point the road took us through Cimmeron Canyon. A narrow winding mountain road lined with aromatic pines and clear streams. We saw several fishermen with what appeared to be about 8" trout. Nice.

After the climb through Carson Forrest to Bear Cat Pass we dropped down into Eagles Nest. A small tourist town on the shores of what was once a beautiful large lake. Now, due to the continuous drought, it is half it's size. Lots of businesses are shutting down and people moving out. It's a beautiful foothills area. And yes I did get a photo albeit from a bad angle, but the only place that I could pull off on my bike.
It was still early so we decided to ride north to Red River. Another small very very touristy town with an Alpine flair and ski slopes. Every space available turned into rooms to let.

Red River is known mostly for the major bike run that takes place in March. I think it's march. Never been to it. I was invited to to once but my current situation prevented me from going. :roll:
We rode slightly further north to another smaller town and turned around.

I need to get a helmet cam or something. I see so many beautiful vistas but am going too fast to stop on a dime before the opportunity passes or the shoulder is just too narrow. The photos I did get don't do the area justice so probably won't bother Wolf to post them.

It was a nice ride but takes to darn long to get off the prairie and into the mountains taking that route. It does follow the Sante Fe trail most of the way. I recently read a diary of a woman who traveled the Sante Fe Trail in the late 1850s and basically rode covered wagon on the same road we traveled on. Bent's Fort to Trinidad, then south over Raton Pass and west to Taos. Such an odd experience to realize I was now on a motorcycle covering the same ground. My oh my. What amazement she would feel.

I think of WAT so often and enjoy posting photos and ramblings about my ramblings. thanks for your friendship.

Author:  doc9013 [ 21 Sep 2016, 21:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: Sunday's Ride to Red River NM

Awesome. Keep us updated. Wife wants to back to Arizona but I would love to see NM.

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