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costal bay fruit slices
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Author:  Musselshellgal [ 14 Jul 2016, 19:00 ]
Post subject:  costal bay fruit slices

"may be processed with genetic engineering"
Last week congress got on its knees again and chose to side with monsanto and whole foods
To allow all US food manufacturing companies to NOT label
GMO produced foods. Not a big deal to some folks but very important to those
Who choose to not be poisoned by our government.
Europe is attempting to eradicate gmos and insist on labeling.
Not here. Absolutely shameful. Very much hanging offences. If only.
If we educate ourselves and especially our children to seek out pure foods we and they will live healthier lives with less support for our disgusting medical and pharmacudical companies who make us ill so they can make money off our suffering.
Just a hint, if your eating corn or corn products of any sort, its very likely
your destroying your health. Buying corn chips for the kids? Yep your poi$oning them too. There is no commercially grown corn that is not gmo. Ever see so many dogs with cancerous
Growths? Most dog food lists corn as a first ingreedient. Growths occur faster on them.
Dont take my word for it. Pigs and cows being fed gmo corn are developing cancerous growths. Your kids arent going to be taught these warnings in their schools. Just like you dont see personal financing taught in most schools. Banks want your kids in debt.
Jeez louize. Heaven help us.

Sorry for us all. Huggs. Msg

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