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All that glitters is not....... brass?
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Author:  Musselshellgal [ 14 Mar 2016, 14:31 ]
Post subject:  All that glitters is not....... brass?

I have a "gal pal" who I met a couple of years ago, she and I were both looking on craigs list for a good old boy, redneck, who likes to hunt fish and trap, run hounds and four wheelers.. etc.. ( too late boys Im taken lol) :mrgreen:

Any way, her being a young gal, she got lots of responses but found most of the guys would say they were heavy into cross stitch to get an opportunity to, well you know. :P
Anyway we decided to abandon the sausage festival :lol: and take up our outdoor interests on our own. Ive taught her what I know about setting snares etc. We spend most of our visits outdoors.

Yesterday we went to a very nice shooting range south east of Pueblo Colorado.
When we pulled up into range eight I was shocked at the amount of brass on the ground. It was like the movies with gold nuggets in the creek, glistening :--o and waiting to be gathered.. well not quite. but....
I spent more time picking up brass, several hundred assorted calibers which I took home as a present for my honey whose an avid reloader.

My gal friend had recently purchased a taurus, 9mm slim, which to me, felt somewhat like a toy but shot ok. Very light. Very small.
Her boyfriend brought along a colt 45 revolver, which I also shot. I have to say it was the most uncomfortable gun I've ever held. There was such a distance between grip and trigger that I could barely pull the trigger back with the tip of my finger. The grip seems narrow and hard. I didn't do so well with it and neither did he.
I almost always buy Pachmyer grips for my handguns, but I don't believe they are currently available for my eagle. Had them on both my 44 rugers.

I had my 45 Baby Desert Eagle, and shot one handed, did as good as always ( no brag just fact, lol) shot two clips and was satisfied I didn't need to use up any more ammo so I spent most of the time brassing. Both of them did better with my eagle than their own weapons.

We had some torso targets and at about 15 paces I hit all in the blue and two kill shots in the red. I have some neat BATTLE SHIP GAME targets somewhere in the abyss of my north bedroom/storage room. They look fun. Anyone ever used them? They are set up like the game. I also have several targets of O'Bammy mammy, that I would love to shoot but can't bare to look at long enough to take aim.

It was fun to be shooting again. We have a public range not far from our house that we often go to but must be lots of reloaders around because the ground is clean. :(

My trip to Pueblo was my first trip to Pueblo solo on my bike. Traffic was intense but I did ok. Interstate was even more intense as my cruising speed in about 65 to 70 not 85 to 90 which is the norm for 25. The pucker factor was definitely in play. :shock:

Not sure if I mentioned it but I was given a 2000 Shadow Sabre 1100cc motorcycle. Red burgandy with black saddle bags. Very sharp looking bike. It needs some drag pipes badly. When I got it it sounded like an electric lawnmower, so my sweetie drilled out the baffles in the pipes and it is an improvement. Even the cheapie drag pipes for that bike run over 400
Since Nov I put 8000 miles on Miss Cherry Pie :).

Author:  wolf1199 [ 16 Mar 2016, 14:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: All that glitters is not....... brass?

Although I never respond much to your post I do read them. You are one very interesting lady. When life throws you a curve ball you always bounce back and make the best of things. You are special. Nice haul on that brass.

Author:  trapperrick [ 18 Mar 2016, 04:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: All that glitters is not....... brass?

Brass is also worth some bucks at the scrap metal yard. Although we reload also, our sportsmen's club has a rifle range and we decided to clean up all of the brass last fall and took it to the scrap yard got a half decent check for it.

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