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PostPosted: 25 Apr 2011, 20:35 
It seems not many have seen this. So I brought it up for "discussion".

Wildman, do you sell the dried, un-tanned pelt then?

TS, at this point in my life, I am collecting. Hopefully this will be the year to start producing and reducing. IMO, selling fur to the big companies does little to raise the price of fur. In todays market I see Western Cats as the #1 item to sell to fur buyers and Marten as borderline. Everything else is cheap enough to try and peddle to the general public in one form or another. Those that are able to do this with their fur. Will do more for trapping and their bottom line. Than those who for whatever reason must sell to the fur industry. That caters only to the rich. Even the trim industry uses fur to raise the price of goods beyond what many are able or willing to pay. I believe the more the general public is exposed to fur the more acceptable it will become. While I am on the soap box. I will express my opinion on the humane aspect of trapping. Trying to convince people that trapping is humane is like trying to convince them that fire will not burn you. The only thing humane about trapping is it is a necessary evil. That is what we need to convince the public of. It is far less traumatic for an animal to be trapped than eaten alive by out of control predators. Or dieing of disease or starvation. Pushing the facts on out of control animal populations will reap more benefits than anything else we can do.

With that out of the way. Lets get back on track. Beaver will work well just dried as a wall hanger. I see no reason to trim the hide but I do not split their front lip. I see no reason to try and fit a hide to a premeasured line. But I am old fashioned. To me if you board the pelt to what is natural for it. You will get the perfect pelt. To me it is sort of a matter of honesty. You cannot manipulate a hide to actually make it more than what it is. The tanning process is the final arbitrator of a hides quality. With that in mind, is it not dishonest to make a fur buyer think he is getting more than he is. Won't it make them less willing to pay more for hides if he thinks you are out to get him?

I plan to hoop several beaver on different wood this summer. When I get to it I will put up lots of pics. If you have any particular questions, just ask. I can only tell you how I do or would do things.


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