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stimpy you iiiiidiot!!!!!!!
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Author:  mudtracker [ 12 Sep 2006, 14:45 ]
Post subject:  stimpy you iiiiidiot!!!!!!!

Lil Bit your happy happy joy joy post made me think about that old ren and stimpy cartoon those guys were some kind a funny huh. Hows that ole bum leg treatin ya today heard your off the meds well for pain anyway don't know about your other meds lol.

Author:  Lil Bit [ 12 Sep 2006, 14:49 ]
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lol! Leg is hurting. Ran out of meds and feel awkward asking the doctor for more. But, good news. They moved my dr's appointment up to the 15th from the 21st!!! So, I'm totally psyched. :D

Knee is hurting in a different place now. It's hurting in the front down on the front of my leg, and on the inside where the tendons were intact... so I wonder if maybe it's because those parts are having to work harder to keep my leg together? Not sure.

Yes, Ren and Stimpy, faaaabulous cartoon. But, my favorite will still remain, Angry Beavers.

Author:  mudtracker [ 15 Sep 2006, 15:17 ]
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Haven't seen or thought about the angry beavers in years but you are right they were hilarious. The current crop of toons is pretty lame with the exception of sponge bob IMO

Author:  Lil Bit [ 15 Sep 2006, 16:30 ]
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I don't know what's the deal with today's cartoons. I'm very disappointed in them. After having the past few saturdays to do nothing but watch cartoons, I think I can safely say that it's no wonder so many kids are screwed up. *LOL*

Spongebob is an exception.

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