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It's almost time once again
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Author:  Bowhunter-turned-trapper? [ 18 Apr 2007, 11:58 ]
Post subject:  It's almost time once again

It's almost time once again for one of the other loves in my life.

About to take it off the trailer and try to make some $

Another trailer pic (gotta see the sponsors before they get messed up)

Last trailer pic

Heading into the arena

Well this car is done for the year.....fires are BAD

I got quite a few action pics, but for some reason they didn't come out too good. I was hoping to have one with the whole engine compartment on fire, but I guess my camera man wasn't fast enough. I had it put out before he got the chance to snap a pic. Thank God for extinguishers in the car

Author:  sksman [ 18 Apr 2007, 17:20 ]
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I love your car :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Author:  Bowhunter-turned-trapper? [ 19 Apr 2007, 08:20 ]
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Thanks Sks...
I have most of my sponsors already lined up this year, and the car is still solid. I am about to pull the motor and change a few things then it will be ready to go again. The fire didn't do too much damage, mostly need to just re-wire a few things. Hopefully I can actually make some money this time instead of scaring my kids because "daddy's car is on fire"
The sad thing is, I was the ONLY car out of 48 that had an extinguisher inside the car with me!

Author:  sksman [ 19 Apr 2007, 11:04 ]
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I'ts always good to have the right supplies like a fire extinguisher. I hope you do make some $ this year :lol: good luck

Author:  Bowhunter-turned-trapper? [ 19 Apr 2007, 14:52 ]
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If I don't, my wife might put me on the track without a car around me :(

At least I have good spponsors that have paid for 95% of everything on the car.

Most of the things, including the headers are homemade

Author:  Bowhunter-turned-trapper? [ 20 Apr 2007, 09:39 ]
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OK, I found an action pic that actually came out pretty good.


About a half second after this pic was taken my folded trunk really worked to my advantage. My rear tire got half-way up on his hood and took out his radiator. He had a stock bumper in the stock location, and as you can see, mine sits higher so people can't climb it like I did. He only lasted about 1 more minute

Author:  TrapperKD [ 20 Apr 2007, 13:26 ]
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Where were the pics taken?

Author:  Bowhunter-turned-trapper? [ 20 Apr 2007, 13:27 ]
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Right inside of the arena :twisted:

These are from the heart of IL fair in Peoria

Author:  bagman 14 [ 03 May 2007, 20:20 ]
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so what place did u end up taking? cool car! looks like fun!

Author:  Bowhunter-turned-trapper? [ 07 May 2007, 08:05 ]
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I didn't place in this one. The fire kind of messed everything up for me, but with good sponsors again this year I should be able to be in the top 5

Author:  Buckyfox [ 24 May 2007, 07:52 ]
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Hey Bro. Been derbying for twenty years. Love it. I will be coming up your way next weekend for Metal Meyham from PA. Are you going to this show? Best of the best. Cant wait. Have ran nothing but Old Iron GM Wagons for the last 15 years. Have five feature wins and just about all the heats I enter. Trophies by the piles sitting around collecting dust. Neck and body only allow me to run about once or twice a summer now days. Good advice wear a neck brace always. Got a e-mail. Tried to post some pictures but cant figure it out. Now days I am spending more time scouting for Predators in the summer instead of building cars. The best derby tips I can give you is to spend more time tuning the car so it runs good and less time on the paint, keep your cool, and a good set of bias tires will keep you rolling around the track. Peace.

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